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Fun with Google Auto Complete: Kyle Orton Drunk

So I was searching Kyle Orton the other day in Google and something really funny happened.  Google now auto completes your searches for you and also gives suggestions based on what you are searching. When I searched for Kyle Orton, the first suggestion is “Kyle Orton Drunk”

I decided to do the same on some other searches as well.  Here are more after the jump. Haha, Matt Leinart has some good ones.  “Matt Leinart Hot Tub”, “Matt Leinart Beer Bong”:

Its hard to believe that a lot of people would be searching “David Wright Gay” and “Vince Young Gay” but here you go:

And then there is Josh Howard. “Josh Howard Arrested”, “Josh Howard Arrest”, “Josh Howard marijuana:

I am sure there are a bunch of other funny ones as well so feel free to add them to the comments

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4 Responses to “Fun with Google Auto Complete: Kyle Orton Drunk”

  1. Andrew Vazzano Says:

    I got 10,800 results for “A-Rod goes deep Wang hurt.”

    Just think about that one…

  2. admin Says:

    Hahahah, nice

  3. Rich Says:

    “Derek Jeter” gets “Derek Jeter herpes” on the 3rd one down.

    I wonder if its from girls checking to make sure before they sleep with him?

  4. admin Says:

    damn, I can’t believe I forgot about Derek Jeter. I should of known. I think the rumor was he gave it to some movie star.

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