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The ODC to Re-Launch February 2nd

Hey all,

Blake Murphy here and yes, I’m back again back again (what?) back again. I have come to an agreement with the operators of SportsBlogNet (the original purchasers of The ODC when I closed it down in the summer) to return with full control over the site. I’ll spare you administrative details, but I can proudly assure you this will be The ODC that you all remember and loved.

Monday is the unofficial re-launch date and we’ll have a lot of good post-Super Bowl sports content here to remind you just who we were…and who we are. So check back, start hitting us up on the regular again, and remember: real recognize real, and if you’re here, then you lookin’ damn familiar!

Much love,

Blake Murphy

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5 Responses to “The ODC to Re-Launch February 2nd”

  1. J.E. Skeets Says:

    Welcome back, sir.

  2. Joe Says:

    Glad to see you are back. This blog has definitely suffered while you were gone.

  3. Erik Says:


  4. cone diddler Says:

    i just re-bookmarked. also i have a huge boner for the odc right now

  5. Greer Says:

    I was here last week checking it out. You never let me down.

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