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Don’t Call It a Comeback

Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years!

Yes, today marks the official re-launch of The On Deck Circle. And I know what you’re thinking – The ‘This is Why I’m Hot Corner’ only lasted a few weeks, and The ODC lasted just eight months, why will this be different?

Well, aside from the behind-the-scenes changes that have been made to remove all aspects of running the site I disliked before (trust me, I can tell already this will be a far more enjoyable experience), I learned some things in my six months off from writing.

Foremost…I love sports far too much to not be involved with them in some capacity. I’ve spent the better part of my time off working (business kinda stuff, what up!), but (at the risk of my employer or co-workers seeing this) law school appears to now be a 100% certainty for September. After all, what better combination than business and law to break me into the front office somewhere? Realistically, it will be some time, but in the meantime this has been the best way I’ve found to be connected with the sports world.

I missed the blogging community, too. Not sure if readers know this, but the sports blogging world, while vast, is a fairly tight-knit group, willing to help each other out with the general acceptance that what is good for one is good for most. The world of sports media is changing, and however small a part of that I am (tiny, I’m sure), it is cool to feel connected to something like that.

Oh, I also like every player in every sport ever, with a few minor exceptions. It makes coming up with material really, really, really easy. Topics 1 through 8,456,789 – love someone a lot. Topic 8,457,790 – hate on Chauncey Billups. Those are my topics for a lifetime. This is easy!

Furthermore, it seems most of my value as a person was derived from the site. Most casual friends I talk to urge me to bring it back, and it seems I’m as one-dimensional as I fear. I’m a sports guy, and I can accept that. But if you’re going to pigeonhole me like that, you’re damn well gonna have to read what I have to say.

Most importantly, I really love writing, and I love giving my homies a chance to do the same. Writing provides a great outlet, a great time-killer, and some great fun.
You don’t have to worry about me pulling the rug out again. The ODC is back to stay. I love writing, I love blogging, and with three more years of school ahead of me and a bevy of topics ready from listening to any one argument between Spuddy Wuddy, Horatio, Beeg, and TIDP, this site isn’t going anywhere.

So welcome back, and thanks for checking me out and giving the site another chance. You won’t be disappointed.

And Real Talk…welcome home.

Sincurrly yours,
Blake Murphy

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One Response to “Don’t Call It a Comeback”

  1. vin weasel Says:

    You aren’t one dimensional! You are great at some many other things, like………..okay, maybe you are one-dimensional. Come visit.

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