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T-Mac’s Top 10 Pet Peeves in Sports

10. Ball boys in tennis

These little punks are undyingly annoying. They line up like they’re gearing up for the 100m sprint, then dash across the court like the Road Runner. I have to double take that it’s not a drunk, streaking fan. I can only hope that my annoyance will be exchanged with sheer delight when one of them slips and does a face plant.

9. Hockey interviews

“Uhh yeah, we played hard out there; left it all on the ice.”

“We just got to take it one shift at a time.”

“Gotta play a full 60 minutes.”

8. Football/soccer/gridiron…what do you call it?

Let’s pick a universal name for these sports and stick with it!
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Geoff Frigault Owns Asiago Dip, Chefs Everywhere

Whether you’re a fan of basketball, hockey, football, or Ontario curling, the biggest sports news from the weekend was that I’m turning The On Deck Circle into a food blog. More specifically, the sight will now exclusively talk about Asiago Dip.

What can I say, I need to cash in on this Julie & Julia thing, similar to when I tried to cash in on Twilight by using my real name (Edward) for a while.

So…about this Asiago Dip craze…I mean, wild, right? The world is abuzz with questions about what the perfect mix of ingredients is, who the best chef is, what the best dipping tool is, etc, but we can all stop. The debate is over.

Geoff Frigault owns Asiago Dip.

Imitators shouldn’t even try. The world’s top chefs can try. The guy who invented Asiago Dip can try. Nobody will top Geoff Frigault’s Asiago Dip.

He mastered it Saturday night at a going-away party for him and Annie (Andrea…whaaaat?). It was the perfect blend of cheese, mayonnaise, artichoke, garlic, etc. True culinary fusion, and a true culinary masterpiece.

You bitches better recognize.

In addition, I stole the recipe and will be marketing the product in grocery stores shortly. Sorry Geoff, but a hustler’s gotta hustle.

In closing:

“Motherfucker, how come you didn’t tell me the cheese was so good??” – Arsenio Hall

The Future Potential of Cybex Testing

PhotobucketI recently read a piece on Kyle Korver discussing his impending return from injury, and why it was delayed. The piece said:

“Although he’d hoped to return in the coming days, Korver will have to wait a little longer. He said Thursday that Cybex testing showed he still has strength to regain in his hamstring and quadriceps following surgery.

As a result, Korver will cease court work for a week and focus on rebuilding strength in his leg. Korver said he would need to test at 75 percent to be “borderline” to play; his quadriceps was 70 percent and his hamstring 56 percent.”

To this point, I wasn’t really clear on what was meant by Cybex Testing. I had only vaguely heard of it from NFL Combine chatter, but the passage intrigued me. Here, it seemed, there was a scientific method in place for measuring the recovery of injured muscles and joints. Being the Sports Maven that I am, I had to do some research to find out what exactly Cybex Testing is, and what future potential it has for the sports industry.
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Of Jay-Z, Drugs, and LeBron

As a card-carrying member of Roc Nation and one of Lucky Lefty’s biggest fans, I felt the need to provide some clarity around the most misinterpreted lyric on The Blueprint 3. What does this have to do with sports? Well, the line in question happens to double as one of the better sports metaphors offered up in hip hop at large in the last several years, and it further cements the interconnected relationship basketball and hip hop play in one another’s culture.

(Okay, so it more of a drug reference than a pure sports one…sue me.)

The lyric in question, from BP3′s “Empire State of Mind”:

I got it made/If Jeezy’s payin’ LeBron, I’m paying Dwyane Wade
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Team Canada Struggling at FIBA Americas

Team Canada Basketball is once again struggling to live up to self-imposed high expectations. For the past week and continuing through next week, Canada has been competing in the FIBA Americas tournament, a North and South American battle of 10 teams across two continents, held in Puerto Rico.

With several NBA players present and strong programs like Argentina and Puerto Rico competing, the tournament was not expected to be a cakewalk. Still, after a disappointing inaugural season under coach Leo Rautins, the program expected an impressive finish the team could build on moving forward.

So far, that has not been the case. In the Qualifying Round, Canada impressed out of the gate, smashing Mexico 95-40 and the Virgin Islands 87-67. Canada relied on balanced scoring in both affairs, lead by Carl English but buoyed in part by breakout performances from Andy Rautins (Game 1) and Jesse Young (Game 2).
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Usain The Indescribable

So…Usain Bolt is alright. I mean, he’s definitely not the worst.

He has me speechless, if that poor introduction didn’t tip you off. He is dominating everyone. He may actually be too good. Well, at least too good for me to effectively write about him. This is going poorly.

But what can you expect? I’m just a meager earthling, a wannabe sports writer, a mere mortal. How can I put finger to keyboard in a way that appropriately appreciates The Fastest Man on the Planet. Scratch that, The Fastest Man in the Universe. And Usain…I apologize if that statement is not profound enough to encompass your almighty dominance.

What’s G? G is very very Good. It’s appropriate that Lil’ Wayne does the voiceover for those commercials, because Usain is not the same, he is a Martian.

Yeah, if you didn’t turn on Sportscentre yesterday…uhh, Bolt broke another record. His own record, again, of course, because he is the only sprinter with records left to break. Just how good is Usain Bolt? In a word, Untouchable.
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The Good Point Article - The Continued Quest of Carl English

I made my debut over at The Good Point! My articles for them will generally be more in-depth ‘feature’ articles rather than my usual blogs. You can check this one out here - it’s an update on Carl English’s career and path to the NBA. As a reader of The ODC, you’ll likely remember Carl from the two interviews I’ve done with him, and you’ll likely support him as a fellow fan of Canadian Basketball. Check out the article and drop a line to show Newfoundland’s Carl English your continued support.

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Video of Jordan Crawford Dunking on LeBron

Courtesy of several tweets, links, and hat tips, The ODC has (finally) found video of Jordan Crawford dunking on LeBron James.

This is the video that was allegedly confiscated by Nike after it was caught on tape at the LeBron James Skills Academy. Crawford, a 6’4″ guard at Xavier, drops a two-hander on the King. Here is Crawford discussing the dunk at a point when it would apparently never be seen.

BUThere is the video, in good quality, of the mystical mythical dunk itself. Witness.

Oh, and I’m also on Twitter, though I’m inclined to follow that sentence with ‘sadly.’ You can follow me here.

Shaquille O'Neal to Host WWE Raw Next Week

I have a few articles in the pipeline, believe it or not, and I didn’t expect my return to writing to involve wrestling…yet.

But with Monday Night Raw on in the background as I worked on a trilogy of NBA articles, it was announced that Shaquille O’Neal will host Monday Night Raw next week.

The WWE has been inviting guest hosts each week to ‘run’ Raw with ‘unlimited power.’ In recent weeks, Ted Dibiase, Seth Green, and ZZ Top have hosted. The hosts have done a pretty good job in their roles and added a few quick laughs to the broadcast, while getting their own wares co-promoted.

I’m sure the logic for Witness Protection is three-fold: promote his new show (where Shaq takes on other ahtletes at their own sports, check it), continue to market himself as a larger-than-life superstar, and have some fun. Shaq never fails to entertain, and short of actually trying to wrestle there are very few ways he could botch this gig.

For WWE, the logic is obvious - Shaq is a huge name, and this should whet the WWE’s insatiable appetite for cross-over media attention.

Tune in next Monday at 9…I mean, it’s wrestling, and I’m 90% embarrassed to even mention it on a sports site, but it’s also Shaq Diesel!

Oh, and I’m also on Twitter, though I’m inclined to follow that sentence with ‘sadly.’ You can follow me here.

Hoops Addict Article - The Impending Rise of Ricky Rubio

Sorry for the delay posting this Trev, I didn’t notice it until today. I know, I’m the worst HA writer and ODC editor you’ve ever known. Sorry.

To everyone else, I have three words about this article: Absolute. Must. Read.

So do it.