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T-Mac’s Top 10: Sexiest Hockey Players

It’s no secret that hockey players are some of the best looking athletes on the planet (Editor’s Note: This is an extremely well kept secret to the male population). They’ve got the body, the grit, the attitude…oh, and did I mention the body? The question is how do you narrow it down and pick the cream de la crème of the NHL?<

To sort out all of the eye candy the league has to offer, I came up with a rating system and a list of criteria in an effort to separate one hottie from the next. Each player can earn a total of five +/- points per category in each Performance, Physique, and Swagger, for a combined maximum total of +15 points.

I present to you, the Top 10 Sexiest Hockey Players in the NHL for the 2009-2010 season.
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NHL Offseason Headlines

With all of the attention the National Hockey League has earned during the offseason, it can only be regarded as nothing short of a public relations’ dream. Has it been good publicity? No. Not entirely. But as most PR personnel would suggest, any news is good news.

In direct competition with the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball League (NBA), and even NASCAR and different soccer leagues, the NHL could use all of the publicity it can get. Other top dog leagues consistently sell out games not simply for the majority of their teams, as in the NHL, but for each and every one of their franchise clubs.
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Bettman Crushes Balsille's Dreams Yet Again

Jim Balsille Pictures, Images and PhotosThe courts confirmed late Monday evening that Jim Balsille’s US $212.5 million dollar offer to purchase the struggling Phoenix Coyotes franchise had been rejected.

After a long and strenuous series of legal rallying, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman once again came out victorious in what can only be speculated as his personal grievance with the co-CEO of Research in Motion, billionaire Jim Balsille.

Judge Baum, the official overseeing the case, conferred that there would not be an appropriate amount of time to sort out the large web of issues involved in relocating the team to Hamilton. At least not by Balsillie’s self-imposed end-of-June deadline.
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The Future of New York's Investments

With all of the cash the Yankees forked out this offseason, it’s hard to believe that they lost their first game of the season on Monday to the Baltimore Orioles. The $161 million spent on starting pitcher CC Sabathia didn’t seem worth much after the team’s 10-5 loss.

This was supposed to be a solid pitching rotation, at least four-deep with Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte and Wang, plus Rivera closing. So, was it A-Rod’s absence that caused the team to falter? Or could it be the number of past-their-prime players? Or did the boys of summer just simply have a weak opening game?

Despite the economic upheaval in the US, the Yankees have managed to spend over $200 million on their payroll this season. After all, splurging is what the Yankees are good at.
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The Definition of a Real Hockey Player

PhotobucketDion Phaneuf, Georges Laraque, Riley Cote, Donald Brashear. What comes to mind when you hear these names? I think of the biggest, meanest, most intimidating, most feared players in the National Hockey League. They are the best enforcers the NHL has to offer – protecting, defending, and ensuring their team is taken care of.

Since the days of the Original Six, toughness has always prevailed as a defining characteristic of hockey. This is a basic principle and premise upon which the game is built – fighting is essentially what hockey is made of. The raw passion that results in the bruises, scars, broken bones and missing teeth is what defines a hockey player, and if you couldn’t handle it, you simply didn’t play.
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Red Wings Lead All-Star Disappointment

The self-proclaimed hockey capital of Canada was busy this weekend playing host to the NHL’s 57th All-Star weekend. Included in this salute-to-the-fans was the Skills competition, the Young Star’s game, the fairly new Crashed Ice competition, and the All-Star game itself.
Yes, in terms of self proclamation (and arrogance), I am referring to Montreal as being Canada’s hockey capital. But hey, since the Grand Prix no longer has a home there, and it IS the 100th anniversary of the Canadiens, we’ll let them have this one.

On another Quebecois note, in a recent survey regarding the banning of fighting in the NHL, Quebec ranked #1 in opposition amongst all of Canada at 62%. Now I’m not saying this is good or bad-it’s a toss up for me when it comes to fighting, but what I can say is the calibre of play this weekend was a reflection of this non-aggressive style of play, and let me say it was quite a walk in the park.
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Oh Canada! Why We Should All Be Proud to be Canadian

Even if you don’t follow the IIHF World Juniors, or hockey for that matter, and whether or not you’re an avid sports fan, it would’ve been pretty hard to miss our under 20 men’s team take home Canada’s 15th and fifth consecutive world title Monday night. Each year, the holiday season serves as a time to follow an initiation of future NHL stars, and revive old rivalries in a tournament for the ages.

Coast to coast, Canadians have been patriotically wearing their maple leaves, and proudly waving their flags in support of our country’s greatest and most respected pastime. Sure enough, our junior boys gave the rest of the world a pleasant reminder of why we’re the #1 hockey nation, and a force that stands to be reckoned with.
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Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Canned Coaches of 2008

Gibbons, Melrose, Nolan, and others sacked this season in accordance with poor team performance…but who’s really to blame?

Someone has to be held accountable when a team is failing to live up to its perceived expectations, and the finger is almost always pointed at the head coach. The coach serves as a scapegoat, when the real problems lie in upper management and ownership. The GMs and owners are the real culprits to blame here.
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The Origin of the Hat Trick

A couple of weeks ago, the Pittsburgh Penguins matched up against the New York Islanders in a game that resulted not only in a 9-2 dummying of the Islanders, but a re-writing of the history books as well. No, unfortunately this was no picture perfect, trophy-worthy moment in time; it was barely a memorable moment at that.

Pittsburgh’s Petr Sykora put an end to one of the longest streaks in NHL history after scoring his first (yes that’s right, his FIRST) career hat trick that night. Prior to his trio of goals, he held the record for the longest streak without a hat trick by a player who had at least two goals in previous games. Sykora went a total of 38 games being just a goal short, which would explain why he’d gone over 10 seasons without one.
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Brian Burke and Puck Bunnies

So who’s not sick of hearing about Brian Burke and the god-damn Leafs? Because I know I am. With the lack of any original headlines in the NHL this week, I decided to examine a more pervasive topic; one at least more amusing than yet again new high hopes for Toronto. I introduce to you: NHL stars and their running mates- girlfriends, wives, and puck bunnies.

Hollywood and professional sports seem to go cosily hand in hand; actresses, singers, and models seem to be leaving their mark around the league. I’m guessing the guys don’t mind the attention…however; it may be the ones with wives that have a bit of a problem.
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