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Hoops Addict Article - From New York With Love

Mike D’Antoni has brought spirited play and, more importantly, hope back to The Garden. Trev is excited.

(Slightly delayed) Reflections on The Ultimate Fighter week 10

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been sick this week and the quality of this article may reflect that.

So this week the focus is on John’s love of hugs and Roop’s injured hand.

The highlight is that we get a fantastic hug montage and a bit more depthin to John’s personality. John seems like a genuinely nice guy, even Junie likes John.

John explains that he holds his hugs extra long because no one gives a good hug anymore. Instead of simply going through the motions, he makes every hug count.

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Hoops Addict Article - Hometown Lakers

Every team, fan, and player loves a good player-city connection. Trevor Ariza and Jordan Farmar are two such players for the Lakers, providing an extra spark at home off the bench. Check it out.

Hoops Addict Article - Posey and the Hornets

James Posey has a few championship rings already. He’s a great role player who does just about everything. It’s no surprise, then, that his addition to the Hornets’ roster has them thinking bigger in 2008-09. Trev elaborates.

Reflections on The Ultimate Fighter Week 9 (and a thought on UFC 91)

   Well, I must say, this week’s episode had me worried but became rather entertaining.

   Following his loss Kaplan gets mighty sloshed and begins claiming he can’t be knocked out. He calls out just about everyone in the house with this claim. Eventually after begging drinking buddy Tom Lawlor to punch him, Kaplan is knocked out cold. He claims he wasn’t, but his legs went stiff, his eyes glazed over, and he was unaware of his surroundings. The cat was out cold.

   The best part of the whole situation (Other than seeing Kaplan get knocked out) was Junie being stoked, because it made him seem a bit more normal.

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Reflections on The Ultimate Fighter week 8

   This week we get a great episode of The Ultimate Frat Boy. I don’t know why, perhaps because the producers don’t find Nog or Mir that interesting, but we don’t get to see much training this season.

   The show focuses quite a bit this week on the prank war within the house, however this time it goes to a strange new level. People have been eating Tom Lawlor’s fruit tray daily while he is at practice. Tom (and a couple other guys) piss in the fruit tray and explain that it isn’t their fault if the other team eats it. Of course Bader, Phillipe, Kyle ad a few others eat it.

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Hoops Addict Article - LA Lockdown

The Lakers D has looked tight early in the season, befitting of a Hollywood sequel (bigger, faster, stronger). Trev elaborates.