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Hoops Addict Article - Lakers Need Young Stars to Shine

T-Smith knows that his Lakers need their young players to develop quickly to remain competitive. Check it out.

Hoops Addict Article - Questions Abound for Team USA

Congratulations. But Trev asks, now what? Check it out!

Hoops Addict Article - Advanced Stats 101: Rebounding

Doctor Smith fills us in on the stats that grasp what ‘Rebounds Per Game’ just doesn’t cover. Check it out!

Live-Blogging USA-Greece

This article has been submitted by Trevor Smith

TSmith here, way too early to mention, with live coverage of USA-Greece. This will be the first true test for the Redeem Team. So far, the Americans look terrific, but not unbeatable. They have gone 13-0 in international play since they lost to these same Greeks in the World Championship Semis back in 2006. In that game, Greece ran nearly 800 pick-and-roll plays and Team USA has had its sights focused on this game this the Olympic schedule was first announced.

It’s the first test for Dream Team II. Can they exact revenge? Can they stay perfect? Will anyone else be awake to read this? Follow along with the ODC’s live coverage to find out.


1:25 into the game and JKidd has 3 fouls. Surely he is done for the first half…and my coffee hasn’t even finished brewing.



Kobe is called for perhaps the strangest intentional foul I’ve seen all tournament. Mamba/The Doberman cannot be happy

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Gary Roberts Wednesday - Chris Kaman

This article has been submitted by Stu Wilkinson.

Welcome to the Beijing Olympics version of Gary Roberts Wednesday. I was going to pick Chinese synchronized divers Lin Yue and Huo Liang after their gold medal performance in men’s synchronized diving, but then I remembered that they can’t Google Tiananmen Square. You have to be able to Google Tiananmen Square in order to get your own Gary Roberts Wednesday. Dems da rules.

Anyways, Chris Kaman is apparently playing for the German men’s basketball team this year. This gives Germany a three-headed frontcourt monster of Kaman, Dirk Nowitzki, and former Penn State big man Jan Jagla (Jagla really should have been a hockey player, just so I could hear Don Cherry say “Janny Jagla” once). In their first game against Angola those three picked up 57 points while only missing seven shots, alerting the rest of the world that the German team had some top-tier bigs.

Of course that was against Angola, the traditional punching bag of Olympic basketball. In their second game, against those pesky Greeks, the Germans lost by 23. For some reason Kaman only played 16 minutes. Coincidence? I doubt it. The Germans are obviously playing possum right now, waiting for the medal round to fully unleash the devastating 260 pounder from Grand Rapids.
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Czar James? LeBron Makes Verbal Commitment to Russian Team

First an insider in LeBron James’ inner circle speculated that James would bolt from the Cavs and the NBA if the money were right, suggesting that a deal in the neighborhood of $50 Million/Yr would lure James to the Old Continent in the name of being a global icon (see: Billionaire). Now it has come to light that James has come to terms with EuroLeague regulars PBC CSKA Moscow for a two-year deal once his contract with Cleveland expires in two seasons. While official terms of the deal were not released, it has been suggested that James will be awarded $40 million a season, unlimited use of a private jet, a cameo in ‘Entourage,’ a date with Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova at the same time, the rights to the remains of Sputnik 1, a Bengal tiger, an iPhone, and the country of Tajikistan.

(From T-Smiggity)

A Day in the Life of Bruce Buffer

The alarm sounds, and the clock blinks 7:00am. Bruce Buffer hops out of bed, throws on his grey silk robe, and heads downstairs. After flicking on the coffee maker, he yawns and grabs a bottle of water. His wife, Annie Buffer, arrives soon after, dressed in a matching robe.

Bruce Buffer: Good morning! And WELCOME to Wednesday, August 13, LIVE from the Buffer Household on Deerwood Avenue!

Annie Buffer: *Sigh…*

It is 7:30, and Bruce heads up to his son’s room.

Bruce Buffer: It’s TIME! To wake up for school! Today’s school day is scheduled for six classes at Peabody Elementary!
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Fantasy Football Focus - Wide Receivers

This article has been submitted by Patrick Tye.

Unlike picking quarterbacks and running backs, wide receivers can be difficult to draft because players at this position struggle to put up big numbers every week. In addition, we must also consider whether a WR’s team has a running game to keep defenses honest, an offensive line that will allow their quarterbacks enough time to make proper reads and of course, injuries. Despite all of these considerations however, the top wide receivers in the previous year remain near the top this season but there are some young wide outs on the rise who could make an impact on your draft this season.
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Olympics! Video of the Day

Your VoD today is just a Chris Bosh TV piece I ran across the other day. Bosh seems a little…off in this one, maybe a little too relaxed and a little to happy with the weather. I’m not saying anything, but it’s not nearly as lively or interesting as his last few pieces. Here it is:


Hoops Addict Floor Burn Tournament Round 2

Last week, I posted a link to Hoops Addict’s Floor Burn Tournament, a tournament appreciating under-heralded players from around the league. Trev Smith and I both participated, and while my selection of Damien Wilkins for Oklahoma City has not moved on to round two, I thought I should post a link anyways. Ya…Damien Wilkins…OKC…what were my chances?

Anyways, here it is.