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One note I just have to make: The Detroit Pistons were the only team to score 100 points this weekend in the NBA playoffs. The sports world is truly upside down. Saturday Toronto Raptors vs. New Jersey Nets Tough loss to swallow. The Raptors really didn’t play well all game with poor shot selection and [...]

The Oden vs. Durant Debate

Posted: 22nd April 2007 by Blake Murphy in Alex P-Cook, Blake Murphy, NBA Ball, NCAA Hoops
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The Kevin Durant vs. Greg Oden debate has been one of the hottest topics of the college basketball season. People have looked left and right for sure signs that one will make a better NBA player than the other, and experts have written at length about each individual. What hasn’t been beaten to death, though, [...]

Stay Up Late: An NBA Playoff Preview

Posted: 21st April 2007 by Blake Murphy in Blake Murphy, NBA Ball
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Man, the playoffs this season look like they could be legendary. Look at me…legend…wait for it…ary! Last year’s playoffs were unbelievable as well, but they may have, more than anything, set up a lot of interesting storylines for the playoffs this year. I’ll start off by admitting I have no idea what’s going to happen [...]

Bomp Bomp - My NBA Awards

Posted: 20th April 2007 by Blake Murphy in Blake Murphy, NBA Ball
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Very tough year to call a lot of awards. Some claim the NBA season was awful and ugly do to the tanking and the number of inuries, but I think it was a decent year. Some ugly spots, but overall a season is remembered for its playoffs, and I think this year’s playoffs have the [...]

Wamp Wamp - Dave Power's NBA Awards

Posted: 20th April 2007 by guest-writer in Guest Writers, NBA Ball
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Note: This article was contributed by the boy David Andrew Power aka Yung DAP. MVP (Most Valuable Player) Steve Nash Straight to the point, I do not think this award can go to anyone else. It has been proven that when Nash does not play, the Suns rarely win. This year the Suns went 2-4 [...]

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Ok, so it’s been a while since I got something down on paper because of end-of-year assignments and exams. I just finished writing Developmental Economics, and it went well and I’m feeling good so instead of studying for the three exams I have in the next three days, I’m throwing down a blog to share [...]

Making The Team - A Quick Tourney Wrap

Posted: 3rd April 2007 by Blake Murphy in Blake Murphy, NCAA Hoops
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Since Alex did a pretty damn good job with his tournament wrap-up, I’m out of a job writing one. What I will do, then, is try to summarize the tournament as best I can by naming players to a whole bunch of useless teams, teams which I’ll no doubt leave deserving players off of because [...]

D-Wash Jr. Would Feel At Home - A Tournament Review

Posted: 3rd April 2007 by Alex Pennycook in Alex P-Cook, NCAA Hoops
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Note: This column was written by Alex Pennycook. Word. Top Game of Each Round First Round: Virginia Commonwealth over Duke 79-77 The first round was fairly uneventful until VCU upset the team that everyone loves to hate. I loved VCU’s style of play and won’t forget Eric Maynor’s final shot anytime soon, but I think [...]

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I’m taking my first shot at a running diary article today. I have to credit Bill Simmons (who, by the way, signed an extension with ESPN through 2010 this morning, which also sees him helping to develop shows along with his and ESPN The Magazine writing duties, congratulations to him, well deserved extension) as [...]

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Note: This article was contributed by Alex Pennycook. I’d like to point out He Got Game should be a consensus #1, as my favorite movie of all time. But, I digress. Number 10 – Happy Gilmore I had an extremely tough time trying to figure out what movie should go here in the ten spot, [...]