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Running Diary of the Blue Jays' Season Opener

Hmm, to live blog or do a running diary? Tough call, but I’ve decided the game will be far more enjoyable if I can just type instead of frequently updating the site on the wildly unreliable Casa de Lorne wireless network. So, it’s a running diary, just like last year. If you want a live blog, you should have checked out Drunk Jays Fans’ live (and drunk) blog. In fact, you may be better off going there anyways, since I can’t promise this is any good or funny, and I’m ridiculously sober as far as Monday afternoons go. Hey, it’s now a live blog. Keep refreshing, bitches.

Erik is reporting that it will be a night game tomorrow. That is a good thing because it means I can get work done in the day AND because it means I can get drunk while I do it. It’s a bad thing because if we win our semi-final intramural basketball game tonight, the finals would go tomorrow night, meaning I must again live blog without a beer.

To review the day: Accardo is now The Heart Break Kid…and that’s it.

Sam is reporting that Yahoo is reporting that the game has been pfficially postponed. I’m assuming this will take place on the off day tomorrow, so I will see you all back here at 1:00pm tomorrow.

Alex and Stu have taken their shirts off. The day is looking up.

Arizona/Cincinatti is also delayed, making it 3 of 4 games. Can we agree that baseball should probably wait until after March Madness ends to start? Another week should promise better weather, and it works better given the ridiculous time that is school right now.

Alex Jackson has requested Kyle and I have a show-down in a 6-sided steel cage, ala TNA. You can book that right now, and he’s already scheduled for a Podcast in the next few weeks so that will be the perfect hype…2 minutes of talking and 18 minutes of audio-only fighting, followed by me screaming “That’s REAL TALK to YOU, bitch!”
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Weekend Hangover - All Chalk on the Riverwalk

This article has been submitted by Trevor Smith and is a weekly feature.

Davidson’s Clock Strikes 12:01: Those Jordan commercials have been telling us all month that “There are no Cinderellas.” Though Davidson did its damnedest to prove otherwise, in the end all of Stephan Curry’s brilliance was just not enough. Glass slipper now absent, there will be four No. 1’s for the first time ever in the Big Show. While his Wildcats didn’t make it to San Antonio, Curry grew his legend even more Sunday with 25 points (on 9-of-25 shooting) after becoming only the fourth player to hit for 30+ in his first four NCAA tournament games. The Jayhawks move on to face North Carolina for the first time since Roy Williams returned to his alma-mater, while Kevin “Boy II Men” Love and UCLA will face Memphis. Rest assured, Texas will be rocking next Saturday night: if you care at all about basketball, find a television and savour this year’s last serving of Madness.
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Pass the Palacio! Video of the Day

I was down a lot this weekend, for whatever reason. This video got me through…


And because there’s no better place for it, here are the standings for our Madness pool with one weekend to go, with each person’s champion in brackets:
1. BJ O’Brien (Kansas) and HowWeDo (UNC)
3. Love the Drake (Kansas)
4. Rob Shaw (UCLA)
5. Greg Houde (UCLA)

Comprehensive Toronto Blue Jays Season Preview

I wrote a big intro initially but let’s just get to it.
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Handicapping Wrestlemania

It’s that time of year. The best time of year. March Madness, NBA playoff races heating up, baseball getting started, hockey kind of almost mattering, and yes, Wrestlemania. This year’s event is pretty lackluster, but it’s one of my favorite events of the year and I feel dedicated to watching it after years of being an in-the-closet WWE fan. Instead of a real Wrestlemania preview, though, I’m going to play my Royal Rumble card again and throw down a piece on how to handicap the Wrestlemania matches. That is, if you’re like me and you enjoy gambling on predetermined events, consider this your gambler’s guide to The Granddaddy Of ‘Em All.

Quick note: it’s outside this year and they’re promising the best pyro show ever.
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AL Central Preview

This article has been submitted by Jack Forsayeth. Expect his AL East Preview and overall preview sometime early this week.

You know the drill by now, bottom up!

Kansas City Royals
It blows my mind that a team can be this bad for this long and that will not change this year. There has been one bright spot in their lineup and that is newly acquired outfielder Jose Guillen, who is not even that good. He will get you 20+ homeruns but will struggle getting RBIs in this lineup. He would not even be a top-2 player on 95% of other teams. After that they have young players Alex Gordon, who struggles to get on base, and Mark Teahan, who has trouble hitting for power. Teahan is probably better known as the guy Billy Beane scouted in Moneyball rather than for his efforts at the plate. Gordon could have a semi-breakout year…maybe. It is rather embarrassing that these are the two best young hitters on a team that has consistently had top-5 draft picks for what seems like a decade. No one else is really worth mentioning.
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Imaginary Player - This Mutiny I Promise You

This article has been submitted by The Imaginary Player, Trevor Smith.

“Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them.”- Paul Valery

Baron Pierre de Coubertin is said to have created the modern Olympic games with one main goal in mind: to connect countries from around the globe in the pursuit of excellence and the spirit of competition. Since their reincarnation over a century ago, the Olympics have become one of the largest media events in the world (the Sydney games in 2000 saw over 16,000 broadcasters and journalists, and an estimated 3.8 billion viewers). This growth has been at once both prodigious and frightening. The games’ development has brought a heightened sense of connectedness to us all and has united the world in competition. Yet with so much attention and pressure associated with said competition, the event’s political overtones (not to mention daunting complexity and size) make it an economic and diplomatic biohazard without equal. With the Games of the XXIX Olympiad fast approaching, we are reminded just how volatile a political experiment this celebration can be. The controversy that swirls above the Beijing games is not unique to this August’s proceedings. Indeed, despite the best intentions of Coubertin and visionaries like him, the modern games sadly stand as a testament more to posturing and opportunism than athletic distinction.
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Your Own Spring Training - Getting Ready for Your Baseball/Slo-Pitch Season

This article is a collaboration by Blake Murphy and Michael Cascone.

A few weeks ago I was talking to my buddy Sean about how best to get your body ready for the baseball season. Keep in mind here that I am by no means a physical specimen or workout guru. Instead, I am a researching machine and extremely able pseudo-baseball coach. So as one of my best hitters was seeking advice on how to improve his long-ball without losing speed, I figured it was a good idea to look into it for him.

Fast forward four weeks, and I’m just sitting down to do it now. I knew a couple of overarching things already – a lot of your power comes from the hips, a strong core improves everything, and you don’t have to make a lot of drastic changes to improve some areas of your game.

And then I got distracted again, and commissioned Mike Cascone, a fantastic center fielder and long-time baseball player, to help me out with it. Now, we have quite the developed plan. It’s not spring training, but with the less competitive baseball seasons not kicking off until May, there is still plenty of time to incorporate these tips into your planning for the baseball season.

A note to those who play Slo-Pitch in place of real baseball – Step 1 is without a doubt to start drinking, heavily, at all times of the day and in as many different situations as possible. This will no doubt help you on a cold and windy August Saturday morning when you’re still a little drunk from the night before or on a sweltering July Sunday afternoon when you’re half in the bag for a championship game. Trust. Anyways, on to the tips you haven’t already started practicing.
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The MLB - Where THAT Happens! Video of the Day

Just listen. Wow. Words don’t explain.


Update: Apparently, this is John Mayer the singer/songwriter/star of Chappelle show. Wow. Additionally, credit to NESW Sports for the video, I couldn’t find the originator at first.

Sweet Sixteen! Video of the Day

You’re getting this video of the day for two reasons. One, it’s Sweet Sixteen time and you need to get amped. Two, because I’m at home on a garbage computer, I’ve posted all of today’s stuff early in the day so I don’t have to deal with it all day. This will be the case tomorrow, too. Deal with it. In the meantime, get amped: