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(Brief) Reflections on The Ultimate Fighter (and UFC 90) Week 7

So this week my ability to watch the Ultimate Fighter resulted in watching it without sound at times, and seeing the fight before the actual episode.

We got a chance to see Mir’s team doing some intense cardio work with snorkels (Wanderlei style) to make up for Junie’s lack of gas in his fight.

It is revealed that Bas Jr believes he has broken or fractured his wrist, but will continue to ice it and fight. He mentioned recently in a blog that it was hurt more than he let on, but he didn’t talk about it much because he didn’t want to be sent home. This is something that State Athletic Commissions are looking to start cracking down on because a serious injury could easily occur in the ring due to “manning up”. All the sport would need is a fighter to suffer a life threatening (or ending) injury because they lied in their physical.
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Hoops Addict Article - Lakers Season Preview

Can you tell Trev is excited for 2008-09? I would be too if my team projected as a top tier team once again. Check it out!

Hoops Addict Article - Forecasting the West

The big bad management consultant thinks he’s a forecaster, too. Trev Smith takes a look at the Western Conference in 2008-09. Check it.

Reflections on the Ultimate Fighter Week 6 and no more EliteXC

   So this week was by far my favourite episode of the season thus far. There was very little in the way of house nonsense and shenanigans (some, but much less then previously).

   Following their win from last week Frank Mir comes to celebrate at the house. While there he asks Delgado where he got his black belt. The preview made it seem like Mir was harassing him, and Mir received heat on message boards like Sherdog for it. In reality the question was posed quite casually and in a friendly way. The answer given by Delgado is a bit complicated, and lead to many questioning his black belt’s legitimacy. He said he would post a link of his ceremony and he did (Find part one here)

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Hoops Addict Article - Forecasting the East

The balance has shifted to somewhere between the East and West now. But how will the East look this year? Trev shares.

Hoops Addict Article - Blazing a New Path

The T-Blazers are a great young team, indeed. But the franchise’s commitment to bringing in quality people has made the bigger difference. Read more.

Reflections on The Ultimate Fighter week 5

   Let’s get the end of last week’s episode out of the way quickly. Junie Browning (not Brown, my bad last week) jumps the cage, and nothing happens as a result. Dana says if the head of the NSAC had been there Junie would have been tossed and his license revoked. Seriously Dana? If it was bad enough that he would have lost his fight license, it should be bad enough (on top of last week’s insanity) to be tossed from the show. But he is not, and Frank Mir simply says he needs to redeem himself, as apologies mean nothing.

   Back at the house Junie complains that being on the show was a terrible decision and if he loses his fight the rest will be forced to deal with drunk Junie every night. In fact he feels if he loses to anyone in the house he should quit MMA and get a factory job. So there is some hope for all fans of MMA as a legitimate sport.

   In a funny moment, Efrain takes us back to ’98 and says that Junie thinks he is “all that and a bag of chips”. Awesome.

   So this episode is basically a prank-off. Team Mir freezes Efrain’s clothes and puts itching powder in beds. So Team Nog puts fish oil all over Team Mir’s beds. So Vinny urinates on Efrain’s pillow. Vinny isn’t as clever or subtle in his pranks as the other guys. Of course Bas Rutten Jr. started it all and everyone speculates an escalation.

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The Never-Ending Debate: Crosby vs Ovechkin

They’ve been talked about, hyped up, analyzed, critiqued, and exhausted to all ends for the past three years, but when it comes to these two all-stars, we can all agree on one thing: that the controversy will be everlasting, just as some of the greatest rivalries in history.

On one hand, you have Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins; the earnest, all-Canadian 2005 first overall draft pick, and the youngest captain in NHL history. Considered to be a legend since the age of 12, Crosby is highly regarded as the next “Great One”. He is best known for his humbleness, work ethic, and play making abilities.
Then there’s Alexander Ovechkin; the Russian born assistant captain of the Washington Capitals, whom although fresh to North America, has demanded attention and been deemed a force to reckon with. He is continually charming the press with his rock star ways, and broken English. Overshadowed by Crosby’s mass media influence, and the long forgotten lockout, it is often overlooked that Ovechkin was also the first overall pick; in the 2004 draft.
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Hoops Addict Article - Championship or Bust for UNC

And…it starts. UNC National Champions once again? Trev says anything else would be a disappointment. Check it out.

Reflections on the Ultimate Fighter, Week 4. OR The self-destruction of Junie Browning

What can you say about the Ultimate Fighter this week other than it really didn’t help how the public will perceive the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Junie Browning…what a maniac. Dana White had commented that this season would make Chris Leben look like a angel, and he was right. Junie starts by talking trash (drunk) and throwing peanuts at Kyle. Kyle light heartedly tosses some back. Junie responds by throwing a glass that breaks on Kyle’s arm. Right there, toss the cat; he has now endangered another fighter’s career.

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