Let’s get the end of last week’s episode out of the way quickly. Junie Browning (not Brown, my bad last week) jumps the cage, and nothing happens as a result. Dana says if the head of the NSAC had been there Junie would have been tossed and his license revoked. Seriously Dana? If it was bad enough that he would have lost his fight license, it should be bad enough (on top of last week’s insanity) to be tossed from the show. But he is not, and Frank Mir simply says he needs to redeem himself, as apologies mean nothing.

   Back at the house Junie complains that being on the show was a terrible decision and if he loses his fight the rest will be forced to deal with drunk Junie every night. In fact he feels if he loses to anyone in the house he should quit MMA and get a factory job. So there is some hope for all fans of MMA as a legitimate sport.

   In a funny moment, Efrain takes us back to ’98 and says that Junie thinks he is “all that and a bag of chips”. Awesome.

   So this episode is basically a prank-off. Team Mir freezes Efrain’s clothes and puts itching powder in beds. So Team Nog puts fish oil all over Team Mir’s beds. So Vinny urinates on Efrain’s pillow. Vinny isn’t as clever or subtle in his pranks as the other guys. Of course Bas Rutten Jr. started it all and everyone speculates an escalation.

   Even Nog worries about the pranks escalating. Worried that the fighters are not sleeping and affecting their performance he decides to step in. He tries to talk to Mir but is blown off, so he and Stankie go to the house to talk to the guys. Stankie hates pranks, and it leads to some awesome Stankie lectures.

   Team Mir however ignores Nog, and argues with him about the pranks. Bader points out the disrespect and I need to agree. Nogueira is a former Pride champion and current UFC champion. Even Fedor couldn’t finish the man, so if he speaks you shut the hell up and listen. I don’t care what it is about: fighting, pranks, furniture arrangement or how to cook a Turkey, you shut up and listen to Big Nog.

   The highlight of the show is middleweight champion Anderson Silva coming in to work with Team Nogueira. The cat is insane, Badder couldn’t connect while sparring unless Anderson stood still and let him. The fact that he is going to retire when his 6-fight contract is up is a damn shame. Let’s hope he retires like Randy retired.

   Nog chooses Eliot Marshal to fight Shane Primm. Team Nogueira explain that Big Nog doesn’t consult his team about fights like previous coaches did. Instead they don’t learn whom they are facing until the announcements, which seems odd to me. You would think that giving them more time to mentally prepare would be a positive, but I’m sure he has his reasons.

   The fight itself is domination by Eliot. Shane comes in reaching for a clinch, but is taken down and mounted. Eliot then gets his back, and while Shane defends the rear naked choke for a minute, he eventually taps.

   After the fight Eliot remarks that it will be him and Bas Jr. in the finale. This really bugs Vinny. I hadn’t noticed Vinny prior to this episode, but it looks like he may be insane, so that should be entertaining.

   Tune in next week when we finally get to talk about Junie’s fighting ability, and hopefully we don’t have to see any more Far Cry 2 commercials.