Whether you’re a fan of basketball, hockey, football, or Ontario curling, the biggest sports news from the weekend was that I’m turning The On Deck Circle into a food blog. More specifically, the sight will now exclusively talk about Asiago Dip.

What can I say, I need to cash in on this Julie & Julia thing, similar to when I tried to cash in on Twilight by using my real name (Edward) for a while.

So…about this Asiago Dip craze…I mean, wild, right? The world is abuzz with questions about what the perfect mix of ingredients is, who the best chef is, what the best dipping tool is, etc, but we can all stop. The debate is over.

Geoff Frigault owns Asiago Dip.

Imitators shouldn’t even try. The world’s top chefs can try. The guy who invented Asiago Dip can try. Nobody will top Geoff Frigault’s Asiago Dip.

He mastered it Saturday night at a going-away party for him and Annie (Andrea…whaaaat?). It was the perfect blend of cheese, mayonnaise, artichoke, garlic, etc. True culinary fusion, and a true culinary masterpiece.

You bitches better recognize.

In addition, I stole the recipe and will be marketing the product in grocery stores shortly. Sorry Geoff, but a hustler’s gotta hustle.

In closing:

“Motherfucker, how come you didn’t tell me the cheese was so good??” – Arsenio Hall