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Toronto Maple Leafs Aren’t as Bad as You Think

Posted: 23rd October 2009 by mattrego in Hockey, Matt Rego
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This article has been submitted by the debuting Matt Rego…I didn’t have time to set him up as an author so for today he appears to be me. I wish! Welcome, Regg Ross. We are just about three weeks into the season and our most beloved, and also most hated, NHL hockey franchise are winless [...]

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T-Smith is back at it at Hoops Addict with some reflections on the recent Isiah Thomas/Magic Johnson literary-cum-you-hurt-my-feelings spat. Thankfully, he takes a greater focus on Thomas’ place in history and how the current perception of him skews what should have surely been a great on-court legacy. Check it out.

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I finally got back on track over at Raptors Republic. While comparing Jay Triano to Sam Mitchell isn’t necessarily a fair exercise, I think it’s clear that the man at the helm is the reason for a good deal of the optimism surrounding the Raptors right now. Through his understanding of player psychology, his willingness [...]

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With the NBA season a mere two weeks away, the time has arrived to yet again break out a fresh batch of predictions, forecasts, and best-guesses. Having already covered the Absurd side of the preview, today The On Deck Circle will dive into the second half of our forecast, as known as the Astute. Everyone [...]

The On Deck Circle NBA Preview: Galifianakis Edition

Posted: 19th October 2009 by Trev Smith in NBA Ball, Trev Smith
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With the NBA season a mere two weeks away, the time has arrived to yet again break out a fresh batch of predictions, forecasts, and best-guesses. Some of these season previews will undoubtedly offer up a list of banal platitudes and obvious observations (“The Lakers will be really good!” “The Kings won’t!”) to which I [...]

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Trev just laid down a phenomenal article over at Hoops Addict, exploring how new star acquisition Hedo Trukogly represents the city of Toronto. Check it out, but here’s a telling glimpse: “Turkoglu signing with the Raptors this summer did not just underline the city’s unique position amongst NBA cities in terms of its global persona, [...]

Toronto Maple Leafs and the Goaltending Carousel The Leafs’ goaltending situation is getting ridiculous, already. Obviously, nobody is happy with Vesa Toskala between the pipes. This has been the case all offseason as people clamored for Jonas Gustafsson and Joey MacDonald to be the team’s one-two punch in net, and after an extremely shaky start [...]

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It’s the NBA season…it means I’ll eventually be writing again (probably), and Trev is back at his Hoops Addict gig. This time, he’s previewing the Los Angeles Lakers for this year and…well, let’s just say things are certainly going to be dramatic in LaLa Land. Check it out!

1/82: What We Know About the Leafs

Posted: 2nd October 2009 by Blake Murphy in Blake Murphy, Hockey

This title, which will be a running one for Leafs coverage here, assumes that knowledge is evenly distributed across 82 regular season games. This is not reality, of course, as we know plenty from previous seasons, the offseason, the preseason, and other “hockey insider” cues. Still, there are but 82 games that count, unless you [...]

Is Roy Halladay the 2009 Cy Young Winner?

Posted: 1st October 2009 by Blake Murphy in Baseball, Blake Murphy

Most Blue jay fans probably don’t realize that the team is still playing right now. For those that do, they would have witnessed (or at least known about) two phenomenal starts from Roy Halladay down the stretch. On September 25, in what may be his last start at Rogers’ Center as a Jay, Halladay spun [...]