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The Raptors in February

Posted: 31st January 2008 by Blake Murphy in Blake Murphy, NBA Ball

The Raptors were expected (by me) to go 9-4 or 8-5 over the month of January. What actually went down was the latter, 8-5, though not in the manner I had expected. We posted the shocking win over the Celtics and preceded it with an uninspiring loss to the 76ers on the road, a true [...]

Five Things I Learned from the Australian Open

Posted: 31st January 2008 by deven-hiscock in Deven Hiscock, Other Topics

This article has been submitted by Deven Hiscock with a big assists from tennis exper/Federer fan Dustin Hiscock. After an exciting two weeks of tennis it is now time to reflect on what we have learned from this year’s Australian Open. Coming into the Open it was clear that Roger Federer was the clear favorite [...]

Santana Out, Bedard Next?

Posted: 31st January 2008 by jack-forsayeth in Baseball, Jack Forsayeth

This article has been submitted by Jack Forsayeth. Everyone in the American League let out a major league sigh of relief when they heard that Santana was off to the National League’s New York Mets. The most excited of these fans should be the Blue Jays faithful because for a long time it looked as [...]

This article has been submitted by baseball enthusiast and handsome devil Erik Arnold. A disclaimer: I have never laid a futures wager in my life. Like many of you, I’ve cashed my fair share of Pro-Line tickets and even tested the waters with a few bucks at an online book; however, I’ve never had the [...]

Pugilistic Prophecies: UFC 81 Preview

Posted: 30th January 2008 by kyle-norton in Kyle Norton, MMA

This article has been contributed by Mixed Martial Arts Specialist Kyle Norton, who uses a wealth of knowledge of the sport and practical training experience to break it down. The card for Saturday’s UFC 81 broadcast is as follows: Frank Mir Vs. Brock Lesnar Tim Sylvia Vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Jeremy Horn Vs. Nathan Marquardt [...]

The Birdman Flies Again

Posted: 29th January 2008 by Blake Murphy in Blake Murphy, NBA Ball

“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply that they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings” – James Matthew Berry On Janury 25, 2006, Chris Andersen was found to be in violation of the substance abuse policy set forth in the collective bargaining agreement between the NBA and [...]

Novak No Djoke

Posted: 29th January 2008 by jack-forsayeth in Jack Forsayeth, Other Topics

Note: This article has been submitted by new OnDeckCircle writer Jack Forsayeth. I also wanted to point out that his highly self-indulgent website, is quite the laugh. Early Sunday morning Novak Djokovic proved to the tennis world that there are now three serious players on the ATP tour. The 20 year-old Serbian star beat [...]

A Running Diary of the NHL All-Star Game

Posted: 28th January 2008 by Rich Spott in Hockey, Paul O'Neill

Note: This article was submitted by a very angry/bored/bitter Paul O’Neill. It is a bad sign that our hockey expert seemingly hates hockey. Yeah I know what you’re thinking, who the hell would want to sit through an entire NHL all-star game, never mind care enough to blog it. Well, I’ve just made cup of [...]

Mano e Mano, Kobe and LeBron

Posted: 28th January 2008 by Blake Murphy in Blake Murphy, NBA Ball

Sunday afternoon’s nationally televised showdown between the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers was more than just a game. ABC pushed it as such, pushed it as such, and now, is pushing it as such as well. It wasn’t Lakers vs. Cavaliers so much as it was Kobe vs. LeBron, a clash of [...]

My Top 10 SuperBowl Moments

Posted: 27th January 2008 by Alex Pennycook in Alex P-Cook, Football

Note: This article has been submitted by Deven Hiscock. This is my list of top ten SuperBowl moments and memories in my mind. These are all images, thoughts, and games that come to my mind when I hear the word SuperBowl.