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The All-Bust Team

Posted: 30th March 2007 by Stu Wilkinson in NBA Ball, NCAA Hoops, Stu Wilkinson

Note: This article was written by Stu “Big Daddy” Wilkinson with yours truly as a backup. Props Stu, mad respect. …In terms of Sprite machine covers. I have a soft spot for busts, especially in the NBA. I’m not talking about so-called busts like Kwame Brown or Darko either. Grant Hill’s not a bust either, [...]

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I just wanted to throw up a brief blog to express my excitement for this coming weekend, truly one of the greatest weekends of the calendar year for sports. I’m considering the weekend Friday-Monday just because there are big events going down Monday as well. Use this as your primer for a weekend where nobody [...]

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Note: This is Part 2 of a two part preview. Ok, so Part 1 of my preview got some decent feedback. A lot of people feel I was too harsh on the Red Sox, and that’s probably true. I just really hate that they’re the Yankees, but pretending not to be the Yankees instead of [...]

A Brief Debate on Luke Jackson

Posted: 28th March 2007 by Blake Murphy in Blake Murphy, NBA Ball
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Note: Sam e-mailed me this piece looking for a response, and I thought I’d throw it up here. I wonder if Bryan Colangelo regularly sees a fortune teller… I mean, I liked the Luke Jackson signing before Garbo got injured, but now after the fact, I love it. Like Colangelo said, Jackson is a shooter, [...]

This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Season Preview. So when I originally thought of doing this piece, I thought it would be a pretty topical piece about the Jays’ chances at taking the AL East or the Wildcard. As I thought about it more though, I realized I’ve good some good information to [...]

Note: This piece was written by Alex “Elbows” Pennycook and Stu “Big Country” Wilkinson, both repping Queen’s U. Greg Oden or Kevin Durant? Stupendous: Franchise centers whose names don’t start with Patrick Ewing win championships. Ask Luc Longley. The real question here is what will Greg Oden look like when he is 35? Martin Lawrence [...]

So I couldn’t really think of any one thing to write about, so over the weekend I scribbled some notes down and thought I’d hit up as many topics as I could in one piece.

The Mamba Unleashed - A Kobe Bryant Opinion

Posted: 25th March 2007 by Trev Smith in NBA Ball, Trev Smith
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Note: This article has been written by Trevor Smith aka Big Poppa Pump, writing in from Italy and representing Queen’s University. Kobe Bryant grew up idolizing Michael Jordan, dreaming of someday taking his place at the throne at the top of the basketball world. Jordan, the most complete player in the history of the beautiful [...]

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There has been a lot of speculation all season about Sam Mitchell’s lame duck status with the Toronto Raptors. For those who don’t know, a lame duck coach is one who is in the final year of his contract. Mitchell’s lame duck status was heightened significantly at the end of last season when the Raptors [...]

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So, here’s my second shot at blogging and I think I’ve ironed out some of the stuff that kept my last one from being perfect, although it was highly acclaimed…by those at my house on the weekend. I should first note that this past weekend was fantastic, I had four of the boys from Cambridge [...]