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As is becoming semi-regular of late, Trev Smith and I went back and forth on some NBA items via email, and I’ve tidied it up to pass off as an actual piece of writing! We touch on the Raptors in the face of the Andrea Bargnani injury, how to build the team from here through [...]

Doing pre-game for a change, to see if we can maybe avoid the Raptors terrible 1-14 record in games I do post-game coverage for. Still, I’m thinking the frontcourt dominance of the Jazz is too much for the Raptors to handle, even with Bargnani back. Check it out!

The Raptors are now 1-14 when I’m covering games for Raptors Republic. If they ever get competitive, I should probably quit, in the best interest of the team. Anyway, the post-game report is there. Check it out.

I got a puppy, named José. He is awesome but frustrating. Much to the chagrin of commenter John, I used his training as an analogy for this young, inexperienced, and frustrating Raptors team following an embarrassing loss to the Nets. Check it out.