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Reflection on The Ultimate Fighter, Week 2 (There is no Week 1)

   Hello On Deck Circle folk this is the first of what I am planning to be a weekly column. The intended focus will be the episode of The Ultimate Fighter from the night prior, but could degenerate into my personal thoughts on MMA events that have occurred that week. Hopefully I find a nice balance between the two.

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Hoops Addict Article - Rockets Reach Out

The Rockets are a shining example of how professional sports teams should use their influence and power for good. Read more.

That Wasn't Desean Jackson's First Time, He Did it in High School Too

For those of you that missed it last night here is the completely idiotic play by Desean Jackson:

Unbelievably he did nearly the same thing in High School but it was even more idiotic:
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Hoops Addict Article - Bryant Opts Out of Surgery

Yeah, like Trev was gonna let this piece of news go by without renewing his vows to #24. Check it out.

Hoops Addict Article - Rise of LeBron About More Than the Game

A film about LeBron from his own eyes? Count Trev Smith in. Check it out.