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This piece has been submitted by Alex “NBA 2-Guard” Pennycook and Stu “Rasho” Wilkinson. For those who don’t know, in late March Stu and Alex had their first point, counter-point article, to great reviews. With a controversial split-decision victory for Pennycook, Stu is back to avenge the defeat and rebutt Alex into submission. All of [...]

A Third Thiggy Thang

Posted: 5th June 2007 by Blake Murphy in Baseball, Blake Murphy

Yes, this is my third piece on Blue Jays’ catching prospect Curtis Thigpen in as many weeks. No, that does not mean I have the same type of man-crush hard-on I had for Alex Rios three or four years ago. It’s just that, to be honest, the original Thigpen article gave me more feedback than [...]

A Dangerous Venom: Could Kobe Really Be Traded?

Posted: 2nd June 2007 by Trev Smith in NBA Ball, Trev Smith
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Note: This article was written by the extremely talented Laker fan Trevor Smith, the biggest Mamba fan I know. I e-mailed him when the Kobe trade demand news broke, requesting he write a piece, and within hours I had the file in my inbox. Take a read, it definately doesn’t disappoint. T hides his Laker [...]