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Hoops Addict Article - Artest Finds Redemption in Game 5

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CB4 No More

The writing is on the wall concerning Bosh’s future, he’s a goner. From twitter to media speculation to visits to desired destinations, it is clear that Bosh doesn’t want to be the guy in Toronto. This quagmire polarizes fans – Camp A is adamant that Bosh is worth the max contract and is critical to the future of the Raptors while Camp B (including me) acknowledges that it’s time to move on. Yes, it’s a tough goodbye to your franchise leading scorer and rebounder and a five-time all-star, but look where “he” got us - pedestrian regular season records, first round exits, failed blockbuster trades and failed free agent signings in the name of keeping #4 in Toronto (Yes, I’m looking at you Turkoglu). From what is understood, the sign and trade scenario is the best course of action – we get some pieces back and don’t lose him for nothing. As Bosh had his best statistical season in his seven year career (coincidentally the season where he would become a UFA) his trade value is at its peak.   Here are some trade scenarios.
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Hoops Addict Article - A Sense of Identity and Purpose

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Incredible Nike Football Commercial

Check it out! Three minutes long but well worth it. A fitting “sequel” to the “Cage Match” commercial from the last World Cup.

Hoops Addict Article - Lakers Ability to Adapt Key

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How Do You Choose Between Your Sports Heroes?

Sports polygamy is a lifestyle many of us look down upon, but behind closed doors, in places we don’t like to talk about, it is a custom many of us practice.

We justify the duality of our affection in any number of ways. You may love your favourite player and by proxy want his team to succeed, even as you have a local team you will always been loyal to.

Or you might be a long-suffering fan in a market where your favourite team has no shot at postseason glory, so you gravitate towards also following one of the league’s elite in the name of having a rooting interest come playoff time.

Or perhaps the coupling nature of your sports affection comes simply because you have two favourite players, and root for each to succeed.

Ordinarily one can get away with this dual life – so long as you don’t love teams or players that are historical rivals or play within the same division, the two teams vying for your affection rarely meet, so you are not often forced to choose a side.

But what about those ‘perfect storm’ moment where you have to do precisely that? How do you choose a side? How do you resolve this moral conflict?
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Two-Player Dunk, For Real

Courtesy of The Dagger, one of the coolest in-game scenarios I’ve ever seen. Two players alley-oop a ball together. Just watch.

Someone Shut Marshall Faulk Up and Get Chris Johnson a Contract

According to this report from ESPN, NFL legend Marshall Faulk is encouraging the Chris Johnson Miracle Train to continue holding out for more money.

In the words of early-WWF Chris Jericho, someone should tell Marshall Faulk to pleeeeeease just shut…the hell…UP!

Seriously Marshall, shut up. Yes, Chris Johnson is holding out for more money. I understand that – he was by far the best running back in the NFL last season, and is due to make just $550,000 this season, less than almost every other unning back.

CJ28 deserves more cash, for certain. In the last year of his three year, $12M rookie contract, the Titans are probably open to the idea of an extension, because there’s no way you can risk losing a franchise-altering back like Johnson because you wouldn’t open up the pocketbook. This is the NFL, and everyone has to spend. But Faulk doesn’t think that will happen:

“Without a doubt, if more money is what he wants, he has to hold out,” Faulk, who is now an NFL Network analyst, told the newspaper. “You have to know who you are dealing with. The Titans aren’t known for caving in or paying, it doesn’t matter who you are. In my opinion, there is no way he can come in and play under the current contract.”
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The Greatest Dunk That Never Was

Damn Shannon Brown. Seriously…that would have been maybe the greatest dunk in playoff history, and in the discussion for best of all time. Alas, a near miss…you know it’s a good near-dunk when a miss gets you texting friends and out of your seat. (Video courtesy of Ball Don’t Lie)

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