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The Ultimate Fighter: US vs UK (Episode 12)

So this is it, the last episode of the season, the episode that determined an opponent for Damarques Johnson at the Ultimate Finale.

The show opened with Henderson having a rib dinner with Team US and talking war wounds with Frank Lester. Lester says he doesn’t want cauliflower ears, but Henderson says he likes them.

Bisping also has dinner with his team, though on a different night it seems, and after he leaves Andre Winner tosses some curry at Dean. Dean proceeds to toss Winner in the pool, and then Dave Faulkner hits him with a face full of flower. Everyone had a good English laugh, but that toss into the pool seemed rough on the ribs and could have turned out poorly.

The episode revolves around Frank Lester, who is fighting James Wilks in a rematch of the fight that cost him his front teeth.
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Bettman Crushes Balsille's Dreams Yet Again

Jim Balsille Pictures, Images and PhotosThe courts confirmed late Monday evening that Jim Balsille’s US $212.5 million dollar offer to purchase the struggling Phoenix Coyotes franchise had been rejected.

After a long and strenuous series of legal rallying, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman once again came out victorious in what can only be speculated as his personal grievance with the co-CEO of Research in Motion, billionaire Jim Balsille.

Judge Baum, the official overseeing the case, conferred that there would not be an appropriate amount of time to sort out the large web of issues involved in relocating the team to Hamilton. At least not by Balsillie’s self-imposed end-of-June deadline.
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Hoops Addict Article - Bryant Returns Atop NBA Throne

Kobe did some work, as Spike and Weezie would say. Trev sums it all up in glorious, fan-boy fashion.

Hoops Addict Article - Fisher's Heroics

Looking at D-Fish’s willllld heroics. I was at the bar, and it was even crazy in there. Trev wraps it up nicely.

The Ultimate Fighter: US vs UK (episode 11)

It was week two of the semi-final fights, and I must say it was a fun but simple episode all about the fights.

This week saw two of the last three fights to determine who would compete on the season finale.

First up was Cameron Dollar from Team US vs Andre Winner from Team UK. The fight saw Andre Winner win due to the fact that he was simply better than Dollar in all aspects, his striking was crisp and he was able to repeatedly stuff Dollar’s shot. The end came when Winner was taken down but landed in the mount and rolled it into a triangle choke to finish in the first round.

The second fight was Ross Pearson of Team UK vs Jason Dent from Team US. I must say the editors fooled me this week. When we saw Ross dislocate his shoulder in practice and have it fixed Martin Riggs style, I assumed it would factor into the fight.

It did not.

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Hoops Addict Article - Game 3 Finals Review

As always, Big T does his thing. Enjoy.

Hoops Addict Article - Lakers Survive Overtime Scare

Game 2 Finals review by Trev. Boom.

Hoops Addict Article - Kobe Defends Legacy in Game 1

Trev reviews the NBA Finals, Game 1.

The Ultimate Fighter: US vs UK (episode 10)

This week was the beginning of the semi-finals and started with the coaches meeting with Dana about the fights. Both guys didn’t see a need to meet with the fighters since they could agree on all the fights, but Dana wanted to anyway. All the discussions went fine and then Cameron Dollar said he wanted to fight his teammate, Jason Dent.

This gives Dana the idea that they should have teammate vs. teammate to ensure the finale is guaranteed US vs UK. The coaches disagree completely, Bisping says “they” are worried about not having a guy in finale, which causes Hendo to laugh and say he must mean Dana when he says “they”. Dana tells them not to say anything to their guys.

Dana announces the fight and decided to leave it with US vs UK, to Dan Henderson’s obvious surprise. The semi-finals are Damarques vs Nick, Cameron vs Andre, Ross vs Dent and Wilks vs Lester.

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Hoops Addict Article - Lakers Keys to Success

Now it all makes sense. Trev has also done The Five Keys to Success for the Lake-Show.