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My NFL Season in Three Running Jokes

Let’s all be honest with each other. There are three reasons we love football – our favorite team, our fantasy team, and gambling. But this season…man, I took a beating. The 2008 NFL season was the first in some time that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. It didn’t quite have me questioning my fandom, but it did make me question why I put up with 17 weeks of the boys at my house eating pizza and watching ball, without fail, without a Sunday off. Sure, it was fun, but there was never a win for me…no fantasy wins, no Jaguar successes, no gambling victories, not even a moral W here and there.
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Hoops Addict Article - The Burden of High Expectations

I re-debuted over at Hoops Addict too! An article on how it’s a little rougher cheering for a team with high expectations unmet (Chicago, Toronto) than a normal bad team (Clippers 1940-Present). Check it out!

Hoops Addict Article - A Call for Accountability

Trev has had enough of the culture of stop-gap rationalizations and copping-out that exists in professional sports. He is calling for executives, and not just coaches, to start taking some blame for struggles. Check it out.

Plan B(osh)


In 2000, the Toronto Raptors were the NBA’s up and coming team led by Vince Carter and his cousin Tracy McGrady. People were expecting big things from this dynamic duo, even paying them the ultimate compliment of comparing them to the legendary duo of Jordan and Pippen. Unfortunately for Raptors fans, McGrady spurned Toronto choosing to sign a long term contract with the Orlando Magic and play Pippen to Grant Hill’s Jordan.
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Hoops Addict Article - LeBron, Kobe, and the Power of Tomorrow

Ok, I can openly admit that I love Trev’s writing, my writer profile is not a joke. That said, this is, without question, Trev’s best piece of work in recent memory, maybe ever. The biggest Kobe fan I know examines the difference between Kobe and LeBron, what they mean to the sport, and what they mean to the world. Definitely worth a read.

So check it out!

Hoops Addict Article - Andrea Bargnani has Arrived

It was a long and sometimes arduous journey, but Andrea Bargnani has finally arrived. Trev, an admitted Andrea apologist, is excited.

Oh Canada! Why We Should All Be Proud to be Canadian

Even if you don’t follow the IIHF World Juniors, or hockey for that matter, and whether or not you’re an avid sports fan, it would’ve been pretty hard to miss our under 20 men’s team take home Canada’s 15th and fifth consecutive world title Monday night. Each year, the holiday season serves as a time to follow an initiation of future NHL stars, and revive old rivalries in a tournament for the ages.

Coast to coast, Canadians have been patriotically wearing their maple leaves, and proudly waving their flags in support of our country’s greatest and most respected pastime. Sure enough, our junior boys gave the rest of the world a pleasant reminder of why we’re the #1 hockey nation, and a force that stands to be reckoned with.
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Hoops Addict Article - Marbury in Boston?

The Curious Case of Marbury in Boston. Weak title aside, Trev does a great job examining the why’s and why-nots of this monster rumor. Uhh, he especially doesn’t like the instability it would bring.