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To try and shake my run of bad-luck (1-18 when I cover), RR has me doing pre-game coverage today instead. The Raps play the league’s cellar dweller in what should be a confirmation win, providing some positive feedback after a run of close and hard-fought losses. Check it out.

Coming off three great games (beating the Celtics, and close losses to the Lakers and Knicks), the Raptors performed admirably yet again, hanging in with the Spurs throughout. In the end, the experience and talent of the Spurs won out, but the game wasn’t without it’s bright spots for the Raptors. Check it out.

I’ve heard a lot of people complain this offseason that the Toronto Blue Jays didn’t do enough to improve their team for 2012. Of course, these people tend to be those who believe the Jays should have thrown $300M at Pujols, $250M at Fielder, and $100M at Buerhle, but do they have a point that, [...]

1-17 when I cover. This is getting ridiculous. I should have been betting against the Raptors every time I was assigned coverage, I’d be a rich man. Anyway, the Raptors battled back from down 18 to force overtime, only to end up losing anyway. My post-game analysis is long-winded. Check it out.

The count is now at 1-16. The Raptors are 1-and-fricken-16 when I cover their games for RR. They lost by 36 to the Celtics even though Rondo sat out and The Big Three combined for just 66 minutes. Shoot me. But still….check it out.

The Raptors got hammered in an ugly one against the Hawks, but Milos Raonic was in attendance with his plastic girlfriend! Not much to discuss in terms of actual basketball, though Ed Davis is looking better. Check it out!