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47/82 of What We’ll Know: We Suck Again

Posted: 14th January 2010 by Blake Murphy in Blake Murphy, Hockey

Well, they are who we thought they were. At first we were over-optimistic, then extremely pessimistic, then guardedly optimistic, and now it’s back to realistically pessimistic. The Toronto Maple Leafs are not a good hockey team. We knew this, ignored it, and paid the price of missing expectations. Playoffs, while a nice goal, was not [...]

Geoff Frigault Owns Asiago Dip, Chefs Everywhere

Posted: 11th January 2010 by Blake Murphy in Blake Murphy, Other Topics

Whether you’re a fan of basketball, hockey, football, or Ontario curling, the biggest sports news from the weekend was that I’m turning The On Deck Circle into a food blog. More specifically, the sight will now exclusively talk about Asiago Dip. What can I say, I need to cash in on this Julie & Julia [...]