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Raptors Republic Article - The Impact of Not Having Summer League

No CBA = no Summer League. And it’s a shame for the Raptors, too.

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The Jays Steal Signs?…C’mon Son

Update: At Tao of Stieb, Tao and Chris Jones have a great discussion on the topic worth giving a read.

So, according to this ridiculous “investigative” article from ESPN, the Jays are well-known sign stealers, and use it to an unfair advantage, and everyone knows it.

Well then. 28-27 at home. Ouch.

The article focuses mainly on the 2010 season (the only year that their data supports their theory, completely ignoring that said stats were normal in 2009 [same coaching staff as 2010] and 2011 [if it was working, why stop?]), and blends anecdotes from anonymous sources with manipulatively described statistics to make it seem an obvious conclusion. Because, uhh…they were so good in 2010. Seriously…their home record was better in 2009 with normalized home run rates, and they’ve apparently stopped using the system successfully. Get real.
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Henderson Alvarez Gets the Call, Will Start Wednesday

The Toronto Blue Jays have made another roster move with a look towards the future, sending left-handed reliever Wil Ledezma to Triple-A and giving rising-star prospect Henderson Alvarez the call up to the Majors. Alvarez will make his debut Wednesday night at home against Oakland, although his role the rest of the way remains unclear.

It’s a pretty favorable situation to be called up into. With Carlos Villaneuva on the DL with a forearm strain, the team had an open rotation spot, and rather than give it to converted bullpen arms like Jesse Litsch or Luis Perez, they chose to roll the dice and let Alvarez get his feet wet prior to September. Alvarez gets to face a relatively punch-less Oakland lineup that ranks 25th in the Majors in scoring, and is second to last in the American League.
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Raptors Republic Article - The Post-Lockout Raptors

I took a look at what the Raptors roster and cap situation will look like if the entire 2011-12 NBA season is lost, but the 2012-13 one starts on time. This is depressing.

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Brett Lawrie’s Debut Weekend, Play-by-Play

On the odd chance you somehow haven’t heard, Toronto Blue Jays’ top prospect Brett Lawrie made his MLB debut this weekend, joining the big league club for the three-game series in Baltimore. Lawrie, of course, is the Canadian uber-prospect acquired from the Milwaukee Brewers in the offseason for Shaun Marcum. He is also the most important fantasy add of the season, the future face of the franchise, the man-crush of all baseball-bros, and undisputed king of Edward Forty-Hands.

Hyperbole was out in full force all week in anticipation, but baseball scribes tend to be more low key on the weekend, so you may not have heard about his exploits, baseball or otherwise. Allow me, then, to take you through his debut weekend, play-by-play.
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Blue Jays Acquire Colby Rasmus in Whirlwind Deal

No lie, I was planning on writing today before the news broke. I had planned to start Part 1 of a three-part series updating my devoted readers (cough) on the state of the Blue Jays farm system at different levels.

Well, the Double-A New Hampshire Fisher-Cats took a hit today. See ya, Zach Stewart, it was nice while it lasted!

Jays Acquire Rasmus, Spare Parts Fly All Around
The big news of the day, of course, is that the Jays have acquired centerfielder Colby Rasmus from the St. Louis Cardinals as part of two trades (or a massive three-way, if you prefer to look at it as such). For the Jays, the trade essentially boils down to Colby Rasmus for Stewart, Marc Rzepczynski, and a potential type-B free agent compensation pick. I’ll break it down on a team-by-team basis momentarily, but for now…

This is something to be excited about.
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Raptors Republic Article - Raptors and Free Agency

Participated in a brief roundtable on what the Raptors should do in free agency this summer…

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Brief E-Mail Exchange on the NBA Finals

Trev and I had a quick e-mail exchange the other night talking about the NBA Finals and a few basketball-related things in general. I did a quick edit and, as an attempt at motivation to post something else sometime this year, I decided to (kind of) clean it up and post it. Enjoy.

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Raptors Republic Article - Early Takes on the #5 Pick

Had a brief paragraph in a discussion about the Raptors and the #5 pick in the draft. Nothing major.

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Raptors Republic Article - Bucks 93, Raptors 86, Apr 11 Post-Game

So the Raptors finish the season 1-12 in games I cover. Ouch. 22-60 overall. Ouch. Nobody declaring for the draft? Ouch. Can I find some bright spots?

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