It’s no secret that hockey players are some of the best looking athletes on the planet (Editor’s Note: This is an extremely well kept secret to the male population). They’ve got the body, the grit, the attitude…oh, and did I mention the body? The question is how do you narrow it down and pick the cream de la crème of the NHL?<

To sort out all of the eye candy the league has to offer, I came up with a rating system and a list of criteria in an effort to separate one hottie from the next. Each player can earn a total of five +/- points per category in each Performance, Physique, and Swagger, for a combined maximum total of +15 points.

I present to you, the Top 10 Sexiest Hockey Players in the NHL for the 2009-2010 season.

10. Mike Richards
Performance: [+3] The captain of the Flyers is worth $69 million over 12 years, the largest deal offered to a player in franchise history, which speaks volumes about his performance.
Physique: [+1] He’s got style and he’s decent to look at, I mean he’s not top of the radar when it comes to looks, but he’s still got that something.
Swagger: [-2] The guy seems like a bit of an ass, which is definitely an ‘offside.’ But I can’t say I know him on a personal level, so I’ll be conservative in my rating.
Combined Total: +2

9. The Staal Brothers
Performance: [+3] It’s a four-for-one deal with these guys; their dedication and work ethic are top of the class. For anything they may lack in skill (not a heck of a whole lot), they make up for with their unmatched strong will.
Physique: [+2] Mr. and Mrs. Staal must have a pretty hefty gene pool to produce four NHL calibre babies. They’re cute, sturdy farm boys, and the fact that there are four of them ups the ante.
Swagger: [+2] For being so personable and down to earth, I’ll give them a few.
Combined Total: +7

8. Vincent Lecavalier
Performance: [-2] Vinny came off of a season high 108 points in the 2006-07 season, and has been dropping ever since. He’s definitely hit a slump this year – he’s even been dropped from the first to the third line. Until Vinny can live up to the C on his jersey, his performance points stand in the negative zone.
Physique: [+5] Can we say goo-goo, ga-ga, baby? (drools)
Swagger: [+4] He’s certainly got the swag. However, there are times when he gets a bit hot headed.
Combined Total: +7

7. Jason Spezza
Performance: [+3] He’s on the number one scoring line for the Ottawa Senators; puts points up on the board, can’t ask for much more than that.
Physique: [+3] He had a modelling career as a five year old with Minute Maid and Kmart amongst others…that’s hot.
Swagger: [+3] He’s got a heart of gold, and he might have one of the nerdiest laughs in the league.
Combined Total: +9

6. Sidney Crosby
Performance: [+5] Sid’s performance is his chief proprietor. He’s the youngest captain in history to win a Stanley Cup, he’s won the Art Ross, Hart, and Lester B Pearson awards, and played for the All Star team as well as Team Canada. He is already well on his way this season; he’s been destined to be the next Great One since the age of…like, 10.
Physique: [+5] What’s there not to like?
Swagger: [-1] He doesn’t have any. He’s been groomed to play it safe since the age of…like, six. He’s predictable, and his interviews are as cliché as they come.
Combined Total: +9

5. Dion Phaneuf
Performance: [+4] Wearing an A for the Flames, he’s by far the hardest hitting physical presence in the league. At 6’3, 215 lbs he’s rock solid. His only downfall may be the one sidedness of his game.
Physique: [+4] Rough and tough…gotta love it.
Swagger: [+3] It pains me not to give him a perfect five, because Dion is the definition of swagger. He unquestionably walks the walk - he’s a quiet force to be reckoned with, and he’s got the cover of NHL ’09, which ups his swagger points for sure. His only baggage: Elisha ‘sloppy seconds’ Cuthbert.
Combined Total: +11

4. Ryan Getzlaf
Performance: [+4] Alternate captain of the Ducks, he’s got a Stanley Cup ring, and two World Juniors Championships to his name.
Physique: [+3] He’s got the perfect frame, but it’s the Dracula-like receding hairline/slightly bald spot on the back of his head that significantly brings him down. Spiked gel tips were out of style in the ‘90s too, Ryan.
Swagger: [+5] He’s more of a vocal figure than most guys, which earns him some serious go ahead points. He’s honest and straight forward, funny, and humble. His brother plays in the CFL, his girlfriend is cute, he loves country music, and cooking…what more can a girl ask for?
Combined Total: +12

3. Mike Fisher
Performance: [+4] A rugged two way forward wearing an A for the Senators. Not the best stats in the league, but enough to get him recognized.
Physique: [+4] Just take a look at those baby blues…and the flow, and the body, and the…everything.
Swagger: [+4] Well, he’s dating Carrie Underwood which automatically puts his swagger factor up. He’s well spoken with a head on his shoulders, and as a devout Christian he writes the book of different passages on his stick. Amen.
Combined Total: +12

2. Luke Schenn
Performance: [+3] Schenn hasn’t done anything wrong per say, but he hasn’t exactly done anything noteworthy either – granted the D-man is only in his second season with the Leafs. He plays a sound defensive game and dubbed as the ‘human eraser,’ he gets down to the grime when he needs to…for that he’s awarded points.
Physique: [+5] Absolutely gorgeous. Period.
Swagger: [+5] He’s well spoken, well dressed, and well behaved; an overall sweetheart. He’s got grit, just at all the right times. Have to give him some extra credit for being on a Toronto team, too. Time will tell if he can maintain his innocence in the league…lets hope.
Combined Total: +13

1. Jarome Iginla
Performance: [+5] His performance is hands down some of the best in the league. He throws huge numbers up for his team, and although he doesn’t go picking fights he’ll drop the mitts when he’s needed. He’s a five-time NHL All Star, the Calgary Flames all-time leader for games played, points, and goals, and he has represented Canada on an international level several times. He’s also the recipient of the Lester B. Pearson, Art Ross, and Rocket Richard trophies.
Physique: [+4] He’s not perfect to me, but he is sure as hell close.
Swagger: [+5] Iginla is the definition of an All-Canadian hockey player, which is the main reason he sits in the top spot on the list. He’s genuine, humble and polite, yet demands an unspoken sense of respect – just an overall class act. He’s shown his loyalty to the Calgary Flames entering into his 14th season with the team; he has won various leadership and humanitarian awards.
Combined Total: +14

Honourable Mention
Tuomo Ruuto – Carolina Hurricanes
Shane O’Brien – Vancouver Canucks
Brent Burns – Minnesota Wild