10. Ball boys in tennis

These little punks are undyingly annoying. They line up like they’re gearing up for the 100m sprint, then dash across the court like the Road Runner. I have to double take that it’s not a drunk, streaking fan. I can only hope that my annoyance will be exchanged with sheer delight when one of them slips and does a face plant.

9. Hockey interviews

“Uhh yeah, we played hard out there; left it all on the ice.”

“We just got to take it one shift at a time.”

“Gotta play a full 60 minutes.”

8. Football/soccer/gridiron…what do you call it?

Let’s pick a universal name for these sports and stick with it!

7. Cliché jersey numbers

Lucky #7…how original. News flash: you look like a plug. What’s worse is wearing a number like 99 and thinking its okay. Let me say, you better be a superstar if you have the nerve to carry the Great One’s tradition on your back.

6. The “Ole” song

The worst sports chant in the history of the world. Ole, Ole, Oleeee……..SHUT IT.

5. Sports networks airing non-sports

Darts, bowling, poker - these are not sports, so it confuses me why a network such as TSN would air them.

4. Bad team names/mascots

When a team takes the field/court/ice with a name like the Alberta ‘Pandas’, Ottawa ‘Fat Cats’ or my favourite – the Sacred Heart ‘Rocks’, as my elementary school was known as, it’s hard to take them seriously. Add on a dumb looking mascot, and I’m just embarrassed for them.

3. The ‘magic spray’ that heals all soccer injuries

Seriously, what is this stuff? As if soccer wasn’t bad enough, apparently this little can of aerosol spray is the heal-all for injuries in this sport. The over the top dramatizations soccer players pull are just ridiculous, and after they fall to the ground in excruciating pain – often resulting in some type of penalty for the other team,  all it takes is a little ‘magic spray’ to have them back on the field in no time.

2. Hand holding in football

I love football – one of the reasons being that it is a real ‘man’ sport. But when players walk on to the field or to the coin toss holding hands, I just can’t stand it. Not intimidating.

1. Excessive amounts of cheering in volleyball

By far the single most annoying pet peeve of any sport; I can barely make it through a full game. After every single little play players come together exchanging high fives, ass slaps, and other cheerful mementos. Why….seriously, why? Is that really necessary? The majority of the time, they’re not even celebrating anything victorious. Add in those skimpy outfits, and I’m getting a really blurred line here between volleyball players and cheerleaders.