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Blogger Debate Tournament - Support Your Boi

UPDATE: I won my region (although controversially, apparently), winning three rounds of debate. I’ll now be participating in the Elite Eight of Debate on March 25, details to follow.

Hey all, I am taking part in a 64-blogger debating tournament over the next few weeks. I’m not sure exactly how it’ll work out (it’s never been done before), but I do know decisions are made on fan voting. Tonight (Wednesday) at 9pm (EST), I’ll be debating someone from Homer Derby in the first round. His site is one I really like, but You Got Dunked On is the favorite in our region. I’m a little know lightweight contender, but your votes can turn me into George Mason.

Check out my bracket here.


Check out the tournament home here. It includes participation details and how to vote and watch.

Appreciate the support in advance, wish me luck!

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