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The Weekend Connect - Feb 20

The Weekend Connect is a weekly round-up piece I’m going to be experimenting with, recapping the week past (ODC articles, links from around the internet, etc) and pointing you in the direction of the weekend ahead. Feedback on what you would like to see included would be appreciated.

Favorite Links (in no specific order)
Thunder Get Thabo A really good look at the Thunder’s pick-up of “What Up” Thabo.
Solomon/O’Bryant Trade Ball Don’t Lie’s take on the three-way trade involving (in order of value): Patrick O’Bryant, a 2nd round pick, cap flexibility, first dibs on reporting the story, a Basketball Jones t-shirt, an ODC coaster, and Wo-So (In Case Y’Aint Know So).
Vince Carter’s Worth Yeah, he’s a DB in the eyes of us Raptor fans but, as Abbott and others explain, he can very clearly still play.
Kostitsyn Brothers Involved in Organized Crime Watch out, Grabovski.
Josh Towers Still Alive DJF checked in with where Josh Towers is/has been. Obviously good for a laugh, though…yeah, I do have a fauxhawk. Oh well, our favorite awful pitcher is back!
Carnival of the NBA A nice The Office-themed edition. Thanks Scott!
If Steve Nash Doesn’t Fit Your System, Your System Sucks Well, obviously, but it’s a good read.
Danica Patrick Too Trashy for SI Apparently, Sports Illustrated air-brushed Danica Patrick’s tramp stamp (lower back tattoo) out of a recent photo shoot.
The No-Stats All-Star Moneyball author Michael Lewis takes a (really, really, really) in-depth look at Shane Battier, what he offers outside of statistics, why he’s one of the most underrated figures in sports today, and why Duke sucks. (Maybe not that last part.)
Waiver Candidates ESPN’s John Hollinger examines the most likely buy-out candidates remaining on rosters. A player must be waived by March 1 to be playoff eligible once he signs somewhere else. I’m looking at you Uncle Joe.

What to Watch
*Phoenix Suns vs. Oklahoma City Thunder, Friday at 9 – The Suns scored 282 points in the past two games, but it was against the Clippers. Let’s see if they can sustain it (without Amare, who lost his eyeball and is out 8 weeks) against Everybody’s New Favorite Team.
*Los Angeles Lakers v. New Orleans Hornets Friday at 1030 – Two of the top West teams squaring off, and the awkward return of Tyson Chandler to the Hornets.
*Toronto Raptors v. New York Knicks Friday/Sunday home-and-home – Bosh is back, so it’s the debut of the full new lineup. It’s also the debut of Irish Kobe (Patrick O’Bryant) and if the Raptors can’t take both games, it’s probably season over (if it wasn’t already).
*BracketBusters Saturday/Sunday - Including big pressure on Stephen Curry and Davidson
*Huge College Ball Saturday – 16 ranked teams play, though not against each other.
*Toronto Maple leafs v. Vancouver Canucks Saturday at 7 - Mats Sundin returns to Toronto
*New Orleans Hornets v. Utah Jazz Saturday at 9 – CP3 v. Deron, part 12.
*UFC 95 Saturday at 9 - Free on SpikeTV, featuring Diego Sanchez’s 155lb debut against Joe ‘Daddy’ Stevenson
*Huge College Ball Sunday – 7 games featuring 9 ranked teams, including Villanova/Syracuse (1pm) and Duke/Wake Forrest(8pm)

ODC Articles
Hinske to NL Pitchers: You’re in Big, BIG Troubleby Blake Murphy
Raptors Trade Solomon for O’Bryant by Blake Murphy
Exclusive Interview with Carl English by Blake Murphy
The 2010 Free Agency Myth by Trev Smith
Ben Wallace Shaves His Head by Blake Murphy
The Durant Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Trev Smith
Blogger Debate Tournament by Blake Murphy
Minutes Played – The Forgotten Statistic <em>by Blake Murphy
Carl English – ACB January Player of the Month by Blake Murphy
Watch Kevin Love Down the Stretch by Blake Murphy
Sens on a Tear by Matt Murphy

ODC Videos of the Day
Eric Hinske strikes out to end the World Series
Russell Westbrook dunks on your face
Larry Fitz ignores Cool Chris Cooley’s high-five attempt
Dwight Howard All-Star weekend pranks
The Big Shaqawockee
LeBron slam dunk mixtape
Full 2009 Dunk Contest
KryptoNate dunks over Superman

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