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Interview with IBL Player and Blue Jays Employee Glenn Jackson

Glenn Jackson currently works for the Toronto Blue Jays in an office position, primarily working with clients to sell tickets and working with the Jays Care Foundation. He is a former baseball prospect, a former All-Canadian, and a current member of the Toronto Maple Leafs Intercounty Baseball team. Glenn aspires to do big things in the sports industry, but for today he took some time out to speak with me.

Blake Murphy: So let’s start back towards the beginning of your baseball career. You’re at Barton Community College in 2002, you set a school record by going 40/41 on stolen base attempts, and you’re named to the All-Canadian College Second Team, being mentioned with the likes of Jesse Crain and Jeff Francis. At the time, as a young guy, how big of a deal was that to you?
Glenn Jackson: Well at that point in time I was extremely motivated and wanted to show my teammates and the United States that I wasn’t just some Canadian from across the border. Having the year I had statistics wise, I would attribute it to a strong desire to prove my worth and earn my place with Coach Warren. Being named to All-Canadian Second team was a great honor as I was very proud, especially to be on the list with the likes of Crain and Francis. You could only imagine the high I was feeling that summer.

Blake Murphy: After that you went to University of Louisiana Monroe, being named All-Conference Honorable Mention in 2004. How valuable an experience was this?
Glenn Jackson: That was huge for me. I had a great start to that season, batting over .400 heading in to conference play. The season was slowed by a few injuries to the back but to still be mentioned with the likes of Ben Jones (the only friend I have who has been able to pull a 96mph fastball off of a first round pick) and Jim Miller (now with the Orioles) was great, especially heading into my Senior season hoping to get drafted.

Blake Murphy: At this point, did you still have aspirations of playing Major League ball, or even Minor League ball, or was baseball an avenue for you to get an education?
Glenn Jackson: At this point in time Blake, I would have taken an invite to play Minor League Baseball. I feel if I am given that chance at 26 it would be a blessing in disguise or I would hope anyways. As far as my aspiration, no it’s not a big goal of mine. Playing inter-county this season with the Leafs will easily fill my baseball void. In the end it did provide me with a degree to take home and put on the mantle, which I am very proud of.

Blake Murphy: Fast forward to today, and that education has landed you a job inside the Toronto Blue Jays sales office as an account executive. Tell me a bit about that job.
Glenn Jackson: My job consists of working in a few areas. Foremost, on a subscription level, which runs from when the season ends to around the end of February. I also showcase the HSBC Club VIP area and represented the Jays alongside Andy Topolie at the Coaches Clinic. I also volunteer with the Jays Care Foundation.

Blake Murphy: Is it sometimes surreal to think that you work for a team you grew up watching?
Glenn Jackson: It is. You feel like you are part of the team to a certain degree. Being able to work with the team on all levels is such a great feeling and I am not going to complain about getting to be around the game I love more than anything. There is no better feeling than watching Joey Votto and George Kottaras get a chance to play in front of their friends and family…these are moments you relish.

Blake Murphy: Since you’ve been with the team multiple off-seasons now, have you noticed a big difference between this year and last? Obviously, with the economic woes and the team all but forfeiting, the attitude of the office and the clients you deal with must be different.
Glenn Jackson: I would say that through the free agent period fans were a little down that we didn’t make any moves. Regarding the times we are facing, you can feel the pain of those that want to come back but they just don’t have the budget. Compared to 2008 the feeling in our office hasn’t changed, we are very positive and as a team we truly believe that we really only lost Burnett and Zauny. We have great fans and great people that not only love baseball but what the city of Toronto has to offer, as we have fans that join us from the United Kingdom, USA, and our many wonderful provinces within Canada.

Blake Murphy: Now the readers probably don’t know this, but you still play ball, as an outfielder for the Intercounty Baseball League’s Toronto Maple Leafs. What’s it like playing in that league?
Glenn Jackson: It is great. Playing for Barrie the past three years was a pleasure, so many great people. I enjoy playing against the guys I grew up playing with, the young arms from college. There are a lot of great teams in the league and I am finding that the competition and the recognition the league is receiving will only get better.

Blake Murphy: Last season you were weighed down by injuries to a degree (but still hit .324 and finished 5th in the league in stolen bases), but should we expect big things from you on the field this year?
Glenn Jackson: I think you should. With my speed I feel like I can always create something offensively and save a few runs defensively. I am a highly motivated young man and expect nothing but the best from myself. My goals this year will be high and I am working this offseason to get my body ready for my 23rd season.

Blake Murphy:So what does the future hold for Glenn Jackson, professionally speaking?
Glenn Jackson:My dream is to be a General Manager of a professional baseball team. That’s my long term goal…why not shoot for the sky, right? In the end I hope to work my way up in the sports business world through hard work, consistency and making the right decisions.

I want to thank Glenn for taking the time out to speak with me. He’s a good guy and a bright young employee in the Jays organization. You can follow the Intercounty Toronto Maple Leafs on The IBL website and you can reach Glenn personally (for tickets and ticket subscriptions) at [email protected]. Thanks Glenn!

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