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NFL Mock Draft

Here’s a quick and early look at who could be going where come April’s NFL draft.

1)DET- QB Matthew Stafford- The Lions have holes everywhere to fill but QB remains a #1 priority. A safer pick could be an OT, which they also need badly.

2)STL-OT Andre Smith- I could also see the Rams taking stud WR Crabtree with this pick but their RT position is treacherous right now and Orlando Pace ain’t getting any younger.

3)KC- OLB/DE Brian Orakpo- I can’t see the Chiefs taking a QB here because Tyler Thigpen showed he can put up some numbers and is still young. Orakpo is a stud pass rusher with great speed. His combine will determine where he goes.

4)SEA-WR Michael Crabtree- If he slips to the Seahawks at #4, they wont think twice about grabbing him. Absolute playmaker in the mold of Andre Johnson and some guy named Larry Fitzgerald.

5)CLE-RB Beanie Wells- A lot of people see them taking a LB with this pick but I think Beanie’s skill is going to be shown during the combine and the Browns will nab him with this pick. He’s a beast and CLE needs RB’s badly as Jamal is getting old.

6)CIN- OT Michael Oher- The Bengals have a pressing need at OT as one of their starting OT’s is becoming a free-agent. The Bengals could also take LB stud Aaron Curry because as we all know, the Bengals defense is deplorable.

7)OAK-LB Aaron Curry- The Raiders have more pressing needs at different positions, mostly OT and WR, but I see them taking Curry if he falls this low because of his athletic ability and playmaking skills.

8)JAX-OT Jason Smith- The Jags would be very happy to get a talent like Smith or Oher at this pick. They need OT help badly as Garrard has no time at all find his shitty receivers. Maclin would be a good pick for them as well, but their WR drafting history is unflattering.

9)GB-CB Malcolm Jenkins- Outta Thee Ohio State Univeristy, Jenkins is going to be an NFL ready corner next year. That being said, and the fact that the Packer’s secondary needs some youth, well, you don’t need to be a rocket surgeon to figure it out.

10)SF-WR Jeremy Maclin- Like last year’s prediction that DeSean Jackson would be a great pick and a stud, I feel the same about this cat. Reggie Bush-type moves in the open field and just a straight up playmaker.

11)BUF-OLB/DE Everette Brown- The Bills pass rush was horrible last season. They are old, slow and QB’s have all day to pick apart their average secondary. Brown would be a good start to complement Posluszny on their D.

12)DEN- DT BJ Ragi- A little undersized at 6’1” but not in weight (330!). He’s a beast and all Bronco fans are aware of their horrible interior D-line.

13)WAS- LB Brian Cushings- Cushings is an absolute stud and many are comparing him to a young Brian Urlacher. Washington could use his playmaking ability and leadership for years to come.

14)NO-CB Vontae Davis- Davis was one of the highest rated college players entering the season. He didn’t do too much to drop his stock and many see him as a future shutdown corner.

15)HOU-DE/OLB Aaron Maybin- It would be nice if stud Mario Williams had someone other than himself to create a pass rush. If you lined Maybin on the other side, Williams wouldn’t get doubled and tripled and would become even more of a freak.

16)SD-RB Knowshon Moreno- My Chargers need another RB. As much as I hate to admit it, Tomlinson is washed up and as sick a playmaker Sproles is, he’s not an every-down back. Moreno is quick as lightning and I wouldn’t complain if they took him. If Beanie slipped, that would be even better.

17)NYJ-QB Mark Sanchez- I have Sanchez going a little lower then some think and he could very well go to SF at 10 or even KC at 3. The Jets would love this as they might need a QB with Favre (hopefully) retiring and (finally) staying retired.

18)CHI-WR Percy Harvin- This is a little high for Harvin but I love his playmaking skill and the Bears desperately need one of those. IF he runs a 4.3 40 at the combine, which he could, he could go this high.

19)TB-TE Brandon Pettigrew- This could be a great pick for the Bucs. Pettigrew might be the best TE to come into the pros in a few years and Tampa really needs a playmaker on the offense side of the ball.

20)DET from DAL- LB James Laurinaitis – This son of a former WWF “Legion Of Doom” Animal, this kid’s got game. He probably would have went higher last year if he left school. Either way this would be a good player for the Lions to build a D around.

21)PHI-DT SenDerick Marks- The Eagles could use someone to jam up the middle of the line when it comes to stopping the run. Marks is a big athletic man who can disrupt things in the trenches.

22)MIN-C Alex Mack- You usually don’t see C’s going this high but Mack is a Mack Truck so to speak and blocking for Adrian Peterson is always important. The Vikes C Matt Birk is an UFA so this makes sense.

23)NE- DE Michael Johnson- If Johnson has a stellar combine he could possibly move into the top 10. He only started one game but scouts love the former basketball star. He has great athleticism and speed and would help the aging Pats defense.

24)ATL-TE Travis Beckum- The Falcons could use a pass receiving TE for years to come with Matt Ryan. Beckum is a playmaker who could be an elite TE in the NFL in a short period of time.

25)MIA-LB Rey Maualuga- I think Parcells will look for a playmaker on the offense side of the ball since he already has one on the O side with my boy Teddy Ginn. Maualuga has a lot to learn but is a freak talent and an absolute beast on the field.

26)BAL-DE Maurice Evans- The Ravens could use another end on their 3-4 defense. Evans would help guys like Suggs create even more pressure on opposing QB’s. Evans is considered a very smart player which Ray Lewis would like coming in.

27)IND-FS Taylor Mays- Just thinking about him roaming around the field while Bob Sanders nails guys gives me goosebumps. I see Mays being a big playmaker for whatever team takes him.

28)PHI from CAR- DE George Selvie- This would help the Eagles pass rush and if they got him and Marks, that would be a great foundation for their D-line for years to come. Selvie isn’t too big but is a great athlete.

29)NYG-DT Fili Moala- An absolute beast in the trenches. This would give their great rush ends even more space on the outside.

30)ARI- RB LeSean McCoy- IF McCoy slips this far the Cardinals would be loving life. He’s an absolute stud who could be a great back immediately. As we saw this season and in the SuperBowl, the Cards need a RB like an old man needs Viagra.

31)PIT- OT Eugene Monroe- He stepped in at Ole Miss when D’Brickshaw left and he should step in and start right away for the defending champs.

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2 Responses to “NFL Mock Draft”

  1. Blake Murphy Says:

    Hopefully THIS Jags O-Lineman doesn’t get capped.

  2. Samuel Cassady Says:

    I agree that Sanchez may be ranked a little low here, but I also believe he will be the 3rd QB taken. I’m taking Josh Freeman as the 2nd. I could see a team like Seattle, KC, or even Tampa trading picks (either up or down) to get him. Also, you gotta like Sanchez as a 49er.

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