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FNFP - Phelps, Canada, and Legalizing Marijuana

towelie Pictures, Images and PhotosEvery once in a while, Geoff Frigault, a non-sports-fanatic, will weigh in with his thoughts on topics that are (vaguely) sports related. This segment is called From a Non-Fan Perspective, or FNFP for short.

So I’m sure everyone has heard over and over again about this Michael Phelps dilemma. The most-decorated Olympian in history caught holding, and smoking from (oh no!), a bong. I’m personally tired of seeing marijuana constantly in the media and therefore I have come up with two solutions to take it out of the spotlight.

Phelps… come to Canada. We know you like weed, and if you stick to the West Coast, you’ll be happy. Go to one concert in Toronto and you will notice that they’ve replaced the fog machines with a larger pit area and “man-made” smoke, and no one seems to care. Not to mention we wouldn’t mind getting in on some of that gold action considering Phelps had almost 3 times the number of gold medals that Canada won as a country.

My second solution is a simple one that has been considered time and time again. Make weed legal already. Why do they test athletes for it and try and pass it off as a performance enhancing drug? For those of you that have smoked weed (come on, be honest), you know this could not be further from the truth unless you are a professional eater. The athletes are really only hurting themselves, which makes me understand why Phelps’ coaches may be upset, but this should not effect Phelps at a legal level. It may seem like he made some questionable choices that reflect poorly on him as a role model, but look at it like this: he admitted to it and apologized for it. I was reading some articles that were shocked that Phelps did not deny the accusations. The fact that he so easily admitted to it and quickly apologized shows that he still can be a good role model. Legalize weed and you eliminate all these people who are so obviously caught smoking weed and continually deny it. Oh that’s a great role model, continue smoking but just keep it hush hush.

I think I’m leaning towards the second solution and here is why. The quicker governments legalize weed, the quicker they can regulate it and then tax it, and what government wouldn’t enjoy some extra tax dollars coming in? Canada is already known for producing some great Marijuana, and it could quickly become one of our leading exports. And ever have that fear that your kid may some day become a drug dealer? Not anymore! And even if they do, with marijuana legalized, this may be a sought after job by professionals from all over!

I’m sorry, I’m straying from weed in sports a bit but I’m just tired of the constant media hostility toward a friendly little plant. This definitely isn’t the first time this has happened (e.g. every NBA player ever), and it will be far from the last. Phelps, if you want to smoke weed, more power to you. Just know that you’re not alone, hell, what do you think the Canadian snowboard team does on their time off?

Side Note: Want to read more fun drug related sports stories, look up anything about Dock Ellis pitching a no hitter… on LSD.

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