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O’Neal Dealt for Marion and Banks

Remember that trade everyone was talking about two weeks ago, where the Raptors send Jermaine O’Neal to the Heat for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks? Well, it’s now official. The Raptors are also sending out Jamario Moon.

It will be super-official after the All-Star Break (league offices are probably closed), and I’m at work, but let me break it down quickly:

Get a much needed interior threat to work the two-man game with Wade. Sure, JO isn’t the best option, but Marion fit poorly and was stunting Beasley’s development to a degree, so the only real cost for this experiment is cap flexibility, which they don’t need until 2010 anyways (when JO’s contract runs out). They also get out from Banks’ bad contract.

You mean, other than that they had to do something? Well, this can do one of two things. One, Marion could be a great fit and the Raps turn things around to some degree. This isn’t far-fetched, as the trade opens up bigger minutes for Bargnani and puts Marion in a more familiar situation (albeit a different system) with Colangelo. If Marion doesn’t work out or doesn’t want to stay, it gives the Raptors a lottery pick and a good deal of cap space to build around Bosh immediately. The key word is immediately - they have to convince Bosh to stay, and winning is the only way to do that, it seems. So the extra cap space or extra success gives the team some hope, and all it cost was taking on ‘Straight to the’ Banks’ deal. An additional note is that 2009 cap space is infinitely more valuable than 2010 cap space, because the combination of the bad economy and the 2010 savings spree will make the free agent market a considerably powerful buyer’s market - there will be more than a few bargains for Colangelo to scoop up.

I like it. It’s no risk, and the only chance at retaining Bosh. There you have it. It has my blessing. Boom.

For a pretty succinct summation of my feelings, True Hoop (aka Mecca) mastermind Henry Abbott has an interview up with David Thorpe about the deal. Check it out.

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3 Responses to “O’Neal Dealt for Marion and Banks”

  1. Rob Shaw Says:

    This is a win-win trade for both sides. JO, if healthy, can really help the Heat and prevent them from having to play Mark Blount and Jamal Magloire at Centre.

    Marion finally gives the Raps a perimeter player. Hopefully this addition will spur the Raptors to start playing a little faster and string some wins together to push for the playoffs.

    Good point on the salary cap stuff Blake, hopefully Colangelo can put it to good use to keep Bosh in TO

  2. Samuel Cassady Says:

    I love it, kinda. I love how we finally ‘get someone like Shawn Marion’ - we get Shawn Marion. He’ll probably rebound better than J.O., can play PF with Andrea at C when we play small (and lose Chris Bosh…to injury, of course), and he’s a more robust player. I hope this signing helps the Raps in signing him long term.

    The outgoing future 1st round pick (albeit lottery protected) AND having to take on the bloated contract of Marcus Banks kinda stinks, but as Blake outlines, however the Bosh situation works out the trade will be good for the Raps.

  3. A Moura Says:

    The more I think about this deal, the more I like it. At first I wasn’t diggin the conditional pick included in the deal and I hate to see all that swagger and intensity that is JO leave after such a short tenure. But Marion balances out the lineup nicely, and TO got 3 mil sent their way in this deal that BC has said he can use to buy a late first rounder if they do lose theirs.

    And like everyone else is saying, I like the idea of having a little cap flexibility sooner- because I don’t feel like takin the wait-and-see for 2010 approach is the way to go.

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