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The Weekend Connect - Feb 27

The Weekend Connect is a weekly round-up piece I’m going to be experimenting with, recapping the week past (ODC articles, links from around the internet, etc) and pointing you in the direction of the weekend ahead. Feedback on what you would like to see included would be appreciated.

Favorite Links (in no specific order)
Jennifer Jones Heating Up Curling Rinks and warming my heart. I love you Jennifer. Xoxoxo.
Beyond OPS, Including Double Plays, Etc - I didn’t love or hate this article, but it’s nice to see someone statisticizing (huh?) my constant sentiment – a strikeout is no more harmful than a ground out or fly out, so get off Adam Dunn already. On the real, a ground out can lead to a double play, but a strikeout can’t advance a runner…it’s probably a wash overall, but don’t hate on the K!
Orlando Hudson a Great Signing for Dodgers. Well, obviously, he’s the man, and they got him cheap because of the market. I’d imagine he’ll parlay this deal into more dollars in a stronger market, but for now I’ll enjoy seeing my boy O-Dogg on a winner.
The NFL Has Taken to Cutting Big-Name Players and it makes good financial sense. Maybe even good football sense. But it can suck from a fan’s perspective (see: Freddy Taylor, sighhh).
Darius Miles, Feel Good Story. Who would have thought the retired actor (Van Wilder, The Perfect Score) would make it big as a baler. Seriously though, he’s always been one of my favorites and everyone hated him, now we can share the love. Next, a Ricky Davis reclamation!
The Jays Won’t Trade Roy Halladay - yet, warns Jayson Stark. More on this from me next week.
Bill Simmons Spent Deadline Day with B-Dizzle and man, what a sad situation he’s in – one of the league’s most entertaining players without motivation and without the tools around him.
Exploring the 2008 v. 2007 Draft Classes - I think everybody knew this already, but it’s nice to see it confirmed in numbers.
Can Michael Lewis Make Me a Better Pick-Up Ball Player? This author says no, but I see a lot of myself in Battier (right down to the enormous head).
Anthony Randolph is a Future Star and I must admit, I was wrong. I hated this kid coming out of LSU, thought he needed more time in college and would be quick to be labeled a bust. I was wrong, I like him a lot, I admit it.

What to Watch
*NFL Free Agency, All Weekend – it’s begun with Bart Scott, Haynesworth and Freddy T, but this should be a big weekend for rumors.
*Toronto Raptors v. Phoenix Suns, Friday at 9– unfortunate that the TSN bastards put it on TSN2, but a Nash-Toronto or Colangelo-Phoenix match-up is always fun.
*Los Angeles Lakers v. Denver Nuggets , Friday at 9– surprisingly, a potential Western Conference Finals match-up.
*Cleveland Cavaliers v. San Antonio Spurs , Friday at 9– not sure on the status of Duncan, but Ginobili is out for sure. If Parker can will the Spurs to another big win on his own, maybe people will stop forgetting him in the ‘best PG’ discussion.
*Oklahoma City Thunder v. Memphis Grizzlies, Saturday at 8– battle of two bad teams with some of the best young talent in the league.
*Detroit/Boston, Lakers/Suns, Sunday– remember when these would have been huge games?
*Loads of College Ball, all weekend– as we get closer to conference tourneys, these games are huge. Big ones include Clemson/Florida State (Saturday at 2), UCLA/California (Saturday at 9), Marquette/Louisville (Sunday at 12), Missouri/Kansas (Sunday at 2), and Illinois/Michigan St (Sunday at 4).

ODC Articles
UFC 97 in Montreal in Question by Matt Murphy
How I Made the Final Four (of Sports Debating) by Blake Murphy
Peyton and Marvin – Where Do They Stand? by John Heymans
Tiger Woods – The Robot Returnsby Geoff Frigault
Blue Jays Spring Training Notesby Blake Murphy
Hop on The OKC Bandwagonby John Heymans
Interview with Glenn Jackson by Blake Murphy

ODC Videos of the Day
Chris Bosh Dances to Arab Money
LeBronJames v. Dwight Howard, Trick Shots
Weave Saves Woman’s Life
Russell Westbrook Keeps Dunking on Everybody
Jim Calhoun Hates Your Question (and Dave Power)

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