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The Weekend Connect - March 6

The Weekend Connect is a weekly round-up piece I’m going to be experimenting with, recapping the week past (ODC articles, links from around the internet, etc) and pointing you in the direction of the weekend ahead. Feedback on what you would like to see included would be appreciated.

First: I am terribly sorry for the lack of NHL trade deadline coverage here at The ODC this week. Luckily for you, every other website in Canada had nothing but. I just didn’t have the time to write anything about it, and nobody else did. I apologize, seriously, you can stop mentioning it. Below is the Connect, sans hockey, as usual. Enjoy.

Favorite Links (in no specific order)
The Best Possible World Baseball Classic Teams that countries could put out there. Unfortunately those aren’t quite the rosters, but this is as fun a WBC preview as you’ll find, Cascone.
Defense Improves with Age - I wonder the root cause of this (experience, physicality, basketball IQ, or youthful laziness, slower play by older teams skewing data), but a team’s average age accounts for a decent chunk of their defensive performance.
The Value in Keeping Joe Smith - too late now, but I agree wholeheartedly with keeping a talented veteran big in the mix with a bunch of young players.
Blogging the Copa del Ray with an eye towards European players whose rights are owned by NBA teams.
The Jays Get Lots of Wins for the Money They Spend but are the only team among their peers without a playoff appearance in the given time frame.
Basketball Stats Continue to Evolve and as a big fan of baseball’s statistical revolution, this is intriguing for me.
People are Sick of Shaq’s Attitude after yet another unprovoked tirade. He’s still a fun guy, but the free pass he gets is growing old.
Introducing The Magnificent Seven aka Brandon Roy, who has quietly become one of the league’s best all-around players.
Hell Yeah, I would Have Used Steroids says Darrly Strawberry. Go figure.
Passion and Sports in the Wake of Katrina - my boy Austin at TGP knocks this interesting piece out of the park.

What to Watch
*Boston Celtics v. Cleveland Cavaliers, Friday at 8 – a more-than-likely Eastern Conference Finals preview.
*Denver Nuggets v. Utah Jazz, Friday at 10:30 – a major battle with serious division implications.
*The World Baseball Classic, all weekend long – including USA v. Canada tomorrow at SkyDome with yours truly in the house.
*Pittsburgh v. U-Conn, NCAA Ball , Saturday at Noon – #1 v. #3 with huge Big East and tournament seeding implications.
*In fact, tons of NCAA Ball , All Weekend – if you still need a reason to watch with Conference Tourneys and THE Tourney right around the corner, kindly leave my website.
*Orlando Magic v. Boston Celtics, Sunday at 1 – a less likely Eastern Conference finals preview.

ODC Articles
Hoops Addict Article – The Perfect Imperfection of College Basketball by Trev Smith
The Needle and The Damage Done: The NBA and HGH by Trev Smith
Why the Basketball World Must Attack a Potential PED Problem Nowby Blake Murphy
Hoops Addict Article – The NBA Needs an MOP Awardby Blake Murphy
Oden/Durant Revisited by Blake Murphy (seriously, how is this even a question anymore?)
Clash of the Titans (sort of) at Emirates Stadiumby Michael Cascone
Ogilvy Wins Accenture Championship by Geoff Frigault
Top Ten Wrestling Finishersby Blake Murphy

ODC Videos of the Day
Serious MLB Network Mistake
The Leafs Scored Olie The Romantic Goalie
Help Me Welcome Flight White Back to the NBA
Kobe Makes fun of Sloth/Mbenga
Chris Bosh on Facebook and Twitter

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