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Goal! Video of the Day

Posted by Blake Murphy on March 10, 2008

Sorry, some people sent in some good ones, but they’ve been bookmarked in favor of this. No way that this couldn’t be the VoD.

Credit to for this one.

4 Responses to “Goal! Video of the Day”

  1. Erik Says:

    He buried it!

  2. stu Says:

    None of that happens if Hal Gill doesn’t rocket one eight feet wide.

    Maybe he did that on purpose, but it’s funnier if he didn’t.

    Also, notice how many Pens fans are in Washington. Very nice.

  3. Pennycook Says:

    Also note Ovechkin collapse after seeing his teammate punch it in himself. This guy hates to lose and Backstrum should be watching his own back these next few days.

  4. Erik Says:

    Don’t worry, Ovechkin got some love from his mail-order bride last night.

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