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See Ya, Ced-Ben! A Look at the NFL Running Back Market

Posted by Blake Murphy on June 11, 2021

After a drunk boating charge, Cedric Benson was against the ropes. When piece after piece of suspicious procedural information on the part of the police began coming out, Benson was seemingly in the clear. To celebrate, he got drunk…and drove home…and got busted. Two strikes, you’re out, Cedric. On Monday, the Chicago Bears parted ways with the former 4th-overall pick, cutting him and the remaining three years on his massive rookie contract.

For Benson, it is a tough situation – he is young enough, at age 25, that he still has loads of potential and appeal to teams in need of a running back. However, he’s also performed poorly thus far in his career, averaging just 3.4 yards per carry last season and managing just 10 touchdowns in 35 career games. While some of this can be explained by a poor offensive unit around him (see: The Sex Cannon) or previously splitting time with Thomas Jones, it can’t be ignored that Benson has crossed the 100-yard marker in a game just twice and is a poor receiving back.

Still, there is demand out there. So today, I take a look at the biggest buyers in the NFL running back market, and some of the biggest available players.
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Slammin’ Hoes Third Tourney in Review

Posted by Blake Murphy on June 10, 2021

Don’t forget that you can see photos, total season stats, and article archives on the Slammin’ Hoes Page.

It was a hot weekend for the Slammin’ Hoes in only one sense of the word. Yes, on a Saturday where the Humidex crossed 43 degrees, the boys in red and black sleeveless (and a lot of Under Armour, you KNOW!) went ice cold at the plate…for four straight games. Starting with their second straight 8-am Saturday game, the Hoes were forced by a bad draw to play four games in just seven hours in the scorching heat. On a day when fly balls were dying in the air, the boys couldn’t find their regular rhythm of line drives and seeing eye hits. Instead, the Hoes settled for just 7.5 runs per game. Hey, at least the defense showed up (most of the time).
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An Open Letter to Marc-Andre Fleury

Posted by Blake Murphy on June 6, 2021

Dear Marc-Andre Fleruy,

I’m sure you don’t know me. Even if you did, you’d find it strange that I write you now, since I’m not the biggest of hockey fans and certainly not the biggest fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Still, I feel I can help you, and that you need to hear what I have to tell you.

Marc-Andre, it’s okay. It is not your fault. Just like the 2004 IIHF World Junior Championship Gold Medal Game wasn’t your fault. Just like the last few up-and-down years haven’t been your fault.

You’re unlucky. Some of us are, some of us aren’t. Don’t worry, I’m unlucky, too. But the luck doesn’t matter so much as how we react to what luck delivers us. As Ludacris says, “it’s not the hand that your dealt but how you’re playin’ your cards.”

So don’t rewatch Wednesday night’s Stanley Cup Finals-deciding Game 6 against Detroit, where your team had a legitimate chance to send the series to a seventh game on the back of a rabid crowd. No, don’t even think of the collective gasp the Mellon Arena let out when you allowed not one, not two, but three fluky goals. Put out of your mind the looks and tears of teammates as you all skated off the ice, losers, for the last time in the 2007-08 season.

Max Talbot can’t lift you up from this. Sidney Crosby can’t lift you up from this. The Pittsburgh Penguin faithful can’t lift you up from this.

To recover from yet another heartbreaking and haphazard outcome added to your young resume, you must focus on these three truths:

You are that good.

You can be a franchise goaltender.

It’s not your fault.
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Raptors GM For a Day

Posted by Blake Murphy on June 5, 2021

My buddy Sam over at Raptors Talk had the great idea of holding a symposium of Raptor bloggers to see the range and depth of ideas the blogging community has about the Toronto Raptors offseason.

You can check out the entire piece here, and it’s definitely worth a look. Sam is great for putting this together, and a lot of the ideas are solid.

Obviously, mine were the most solid (solidest?). Check my part out after the jump!
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Hoops Addict Article - European Solution

Posted by Blake Murphy on May 30, 2021

Hey all, sorry about the relative lack of writing this week but it was graduation, whoooo! You can probably expect the volume of articles to decline to about once per day for the summer instead of 2-3, unless some of our writers actually start writing.

Regardless, I did put in some work for Hoops Addict, taking a look at the top European players available for teams this offseason, whether they be free agents or have their draft rights owned by a team. Thorough stuff.

Check it out!

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Gary Roberts Wednesday - Reed Johnson

Posted by Blake Murphy on May 28, 2021

Reed JohnsonStu is unable to present a GRW today. Thus, in his absence, I’ll be taking over for the second time. Stu will return next week with a live report from Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Sick with it, for sure.

Anyways, last time I subbed in for GRW, I highlighted Eric Hinske. Some people didn’t take it seriously, but allow me to remind you that he’s a solid contributor on a winning team – the D-Rays are winning the AL East right now, and Hinske has put up a dandy .257/.342/.542 with 10 home runs, 27 RBI, 4 stolen bases, and a 141 OPS+ (meaning he’s 41% ahead of an average player at this point). Pretty sick, right?

Today…I have to concede something. I show a lot of disrespect and negligence towards this particular player, despite everyone constantly showering him with hugs and kisses and proverbial handjobs. His spectacular defense, grit, hustle, facial hair, pretty eyes, and better-than-they-seem offensive numbers make this man a serious piece of any potential championship puzzle.

I’m talking, of course, about Reed Johnson.
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Jays 9-Game Road Trip an Important One

Posted by Blake Murphy on May 27, 2021

The Toronto Blue Jays appear to finally have arrived. The team’s left field situation seems, at least temporarily, solved by the stellar play of Shannon Stewart. Scott Rolen is buoying the middle of the order as the Best Blue Jay Ever. Alex Rios and Aaron Hill appear to be heading north out of their slumps. The catching platoon is finally hitting, a bit. And now David Eckstein is slated to return, upgrading on the ‘how do I get so many RBI hitting a bad average?’ Marco Scutaro.

And of course, there’s the pitching.

But are the Jays back for real, after a five game winning streak that sits them at 10-3 over their past 13? Well, we’ll certainly know a lot more about the present status of this team in 10 days time.
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Slammin’ Hoes First Two Tourneys in Review

Posted by Blake Murphy on May 26, 2021

Don’t forget you can check out pictures, archives, our game log, and the full-season statistics on the Slammin’ Hoes main page. Just click the tables to enlarge.

Slammin’ Hoes First Tournament – London and Dorchester
The Hoes were without a few key pieces to begin the SPO season. Pitcher Adam Millen was absent on Saturday, forcing usual bench boss Blake Murphy into a Saturday spot. The team also had the task of meshing with new players Greg Crane and Danny Matijiw. With a first-game bye and a generous seeding, the Slammin’ Hoes season got under way.
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My Baseball Road Trip Part 2 - Milwaukee, Chicago, Cincinnati

Posted by Blake Murphy on May 23, 2021

Yes, yes, I did it again. Did he say again? Yes, he did it again.

Yeah, I’m back from my second annual baseball road trip, and it was a success once again. We did things differently this time, though. We spent a little bit more cash, didn’t book hotels in advance, and split everything three ways instead of four. We hit Milwaukee, Chicago, and Cincinnati, went out at night, and toured breweries. We packed a lot more into our three days than last year, but I’ll try and keep the review mostly baseball related, since that’s what The ODC cares about, I think.
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Hoops Addict Article - The Bulls Should Draft Derrick Rose

Posted by Blake Murphy on May 22, 2021

So, the Bulls (somehow, don’t get me started) won the NBA’s draft lottery and will now receive the #1 overall pick in the draft. Most point to Michael Beasley as the easy choice. (An aside is that most assume that I, too, would point to Beasley as the easy choice, given my affinity for Durant in last year’s draft debate.)

But no, Beasley shouldn’t be the pick. And drafting Derrick Rose is easier than you think.

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