Derek Jeter’s Other Game - A Photo Essay

This article has been submitted by Alex Jackson.

I had two ideas about starting this piece. I couldn’t decide which would be better, so I’m trying to incorporate both. The first, just below, involves Jack MacBrayer from 30 Rock and a music video. The second involves “words.”


I’m not afraid to say it- I enjoy celebrity gossip. Sure, I might be slightly ashamed to say I used to watch a variety of entertain gossip shows; but the benefits of knowing every, and I mean every, detail of the lives of Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse are numerous. For example, if you’re a celebrity, and you’re caught smoking crack, you might get some public outcry. Or causing a three-car crash also isn’t good for you reputation, which you’re already trying to rebuild.

These are life lessons that only celebrities can teach.

With seemingly 24/7/365 coverage of athletes, it is not long before athlete-focused gossip reaches a similar precipice. Deadspin has an uncanny knack for publicizing photos of athletes in compromising positions. Then there’s TheBigLead, which the Chicago Sun-Times explained by saying, “Readers come for interviews with prominent sports journalists and stay for comedic rants and off-the-field gossip.” Yes. Yes I do. Mostly for the off-the-field gossip. And movie reviews.

One terrific topic, that probably can’t be discussed enough, is Derek Jeter’s “game.” I’m not talking about the career .317 BA, the multiple World Series, the AL ROY, or any other baseball centric “fact” or “award.” No, I’m talking about his off-the field game.

Some of these are “confirmed,” some are just “rumors,” and most are just excuses to put up pictures of smokin’ hot women under the guise of a “baseball” piece. Enjoy, I’ll try not to put too many “words” in. And a quick reminder, the list is by no means complete, or necessarily “accurate.” I apologize for any omissions. Suggestions are always welcome…

As you saw earlier, Mariah Carey is BACK! Jeter was with here in 97-98; she was hot and it was before she went off her rocker. Biggest downside during this time? She was “developing” the movie Glitter.

Interestingly enough, Joy Enriquez was once a backup singer for Mariah Carey. Though timing is unconfirmed, Jeter is believed to have “dated” Enriquez in 1998, after the breakup with Mariah. Enriquez is a so-so pop singer, who also had a minor role on 7th Heaven.

Lara Dutta dated Jeter shortly after winning the Miss Universe tiara in 2000. Nowadays she is one of Bollywood’s hottest stars.

After splitting with Dutta, Jeter was consoled in the arms of the lovely Jordana Brewster in late 2001 and 2002. Brewster gained notoriety with her starring role in the Fast and the Furious. Around the same time, Stuff Magazine awarded her, the always desired, 96th spot on their “102 Sexiest Women in the World” rankings.

At this point, timings are a complete crapshoot. Somewhere along the line is Vanassa Minnillo, a former Miss Teen USA winner, and long-time host of MTV’s TRL. In 2006, long after she was done with Jeter, she was #15 on Maxim’s Hot 100.

Though currently dating Marko Jaric of the T-Wolves, Adriana Lima spent summer nights in 2003 with Yankees heartthrob Derek Jeter. You’re probably familiar with Lima; no biggie, she’s just a Victoria’s Secret Model, Maybeline Girl, and all around wonderful Brazillian Supermodel. Why did she split with Jeter? Well, maybe this article explains it. In a nutshell, “Sex is for marriage. Men have to respect that this is my choice. If there’s no respect, that means they don’t want me.” Interesting…for Derek Jeter, Lenny Kravitz and Marko…

What did the year 2004 have in store for our hero Derek Jeter? Jessica Alba! Sure, she might have caught Jeter’s eye with Dark Angel and Into the Blue, but I like to think his courtship dates all the way back to Flipper and Camp Nowhere. As a reference point, voted her First on their 2006 list of 99 Most Desirable Women; Maxim placed her second on their 2007 list, while FHM readers voted her “2007’s Sexiest Woman in the World.”

There’s also the possibility that Jeter dated Scarlett Johanson. She denies it; rumors ran rampant. Who knows? I don’t pretend that this is “reporting,” it may or may not have happened 3-4 years ago. The statute of limitations has run out. The picture is still in this write up.

In 2005, Jeter dated Vida Guerra, one of those singer/model/actress hybrids that are all the rage these days. I suppose she’s mildly attractive, you know, if you’re into that whole “FHM Model of the Year” in 2004 thing, and posing in Playboy. Whatever floats your boat, Jet-ah.

In 2006, hot off not winning the AL MVP award, Derek Jeter dated Jessica Biel. My guess is that they hit it off because Derek was a big fan of Summer Catch, and somehow wished he had had the opportunity to play in the Cape Cod Baseball League. Biel was named Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” in 2005 and ranked #1 by Stuff Magazine in their 2007 edition of “100 Sexiest Women.” Good for her. I just wonder if the topic of 7th Heaven ever came up…

Unfortunately, at this point our little story has to come to an end. I’m sad too.

Come on, stop crying. Stop it.

Ok. Fine. I’ll throw another on in there. Just for you. Even though it probably didn’t go down.

“I’m linked to a lot of people. It’d be great to be dating Derek Jeter. As far as fake relationships go, I’m moving up.” – Gabrielle Union.

This article has been submitted by Alex Jackson.

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  1. Weasel Says:

    Who has Jeter been dating currently/most recently?

  2. Stu P S Says:

    Vida Guerra was in Chappelle’s “Piss On You” video. True story.

    More photo essays!

  3. AJ Says:

    The rumor back in February was that he was hitting on Sienna Miller. Sienna, who was on a date, apparently didn’t know who Jet-ah was, and didn’t want to find out. Aside from that, I couldn’t find much…

    Might he be going after the “normal folks” these days?

  4. TheNaturalMevs Says:

    I’ll tell you what man. Mariah was the best he’s had yet. Period.

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