NHL Conference Finals Preview

PhotobucketThis article has been submitted by Paul O’Neill and Matt Douglas.

Paul: I went 2-2 in the second round, incorrectly relying on some dirty Frenchmen to live up to their expectations and I should have never made my love affair with Joe Thornton public (next year, I swear to god, next year). This puts me at 8-4 over the course of the playoffs and hopefully I can put together two solid predictions in the conference finals to match my perfect record in last year’s conference finals.

Matt: Guess who went 0 for 4 in the second round? Me. I’m an idiot and that horrid run puts me at 7-5 for the playoffs so far. Hopefully this time I can get it together, I am thinking a little more clearly with my Habs out of it and I’m not hungover while I write this.

The Habs bowed out at home in 6, leaving many fans asking what the hell happened to the team from the regular season. They are young and it showed, the defense was giving up the blueline, Carey Price looked rattled and never settled down , but still there were some bright spots and next year should be good. I couldn’t help but feel bad for Colorado, as the injury bug bit them at the worst time possible and they needed all of their pieces in place to beat a strong Red Wings squad. San Jose never recovered after the first game, but provided the most exciting second round series. Finally the Penguins dominated a very skilled New York team and may have enough to take the Cup this year.

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Women v. Sports - The Ultimate Showdown

This article has been submitted by Matt Douglas. It’s also awesome.

This article was inspired by a conversation with Francine Long who is a girl…

A man has simple desires, to be loved, fed, entertained, we don’t want to be surprised drastically, we love routine, same shirt, same pants, same steak and potatoes. We know what we want and we do a lot in our power to keep the things we like. So let’s take a look at how women stack up in fulfilling our needs.
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NHL Second Round Preview

This article has been submitted by Matt “The Snuggler” Douglas.

My predictions worked out pretty well, I’ve posted a 7-1 record in the first round of the playoffs and thereby giving myself some street cred. I messed up the Dallas series along with every other person outside of the Texas border. The Sens royally screwed up and disappointed their fans, not even winning a game and providing the worst, least exciting series of the playoffs. I’ve thrown together a much shorter rundown of my predictions for the second round. The second round of the playoffs looks great and every series should be enjoyable, even if your team isn’t in it.
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Ludicrously Comprehensive NHL Playoff Preview

This article has been submitted by the debuting Matt Douglas. He even took the time to format everything in a pretty way, but this is WordPress, not MS Word 3027. Sorry Matt. To everyone else, yes this is very long but it’s also some sick work, so check it out.

Eastern Conference
Canadiens (1st) vs Bruins (8th) – Season Series, Montreal 8-0
Season Record 47-25-10 PTS 104 GF 262* GA222
Leading forwrad scorer: Alexi Kovalev 84PTS
Leading defense scorer: Mark Streit 62PTS
Leader +/-: Alexi Kovalev +18

Key Player: Alexi Kovalev and Carey Price – Kovalev is a decent performer in the playoffs and he has the ability to carry a team. He’s having a great year and if he can keep this young group together when their backs are against the wall they could take the cup. Price has been nothing short of phenomenal in every pressure situation he’s been in since the World Juniors. I strongly believe goaltending is the most important position in the playoffs and he showed he has the stuff.

Ugliest Player: Honestly it wasn’t easy for me this year, perennial whipping boy Sheldon Souray is gone (thank Sweet Baby Jesus) so I have to go to Patrice Breeze-By, or is it -bois? Whatever,as I was growing up I watched him, He always scared the hell out of me when he was on the ice (and every other Habs fan). He’s a serviceable D-man and he’s in a limited role but I’ve been conditioned not to trust him.

Player most likely to shit the bed: Christopher Higgins – Don’t get me wrong he’s a great player, but I get the feeling if he gets shut down early in the playoffs he won’t find his touch for the rest of it. It’s hard to judge these guys since most are so young, but I think he’s the least mentally tough of the core guys.
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