NBA Playoff Preview

Instead of doing the playoff preview myself, I decided to contract it out to several members of the team. Even though the internet is scattered with predictions right now, ours are just as valuable…actually, probably way more value. I’m not sure if you knew this, but I’m a billionaire from NBA gambling alone (actually, I did make a lot of money gambling on the league’s scoring/assists/rebounding leaders in the pre-season). Regardless, what follows are the predictions and series breakdowns from four of our best and brightest.

Just because, my predictions for the whole playoffs are:
Bos d. Atl in 4
Det d. Phi in 4
Orl d. Tor in 6
Cle d. Was in 6
LA d. Den in 5
NO d. Dal in 6
SA d. Phx in 7
Uta d. Hou in 7

Bos d. Cle in 5
Det d. Orl in 6
Uta d. LA in 7
NO d. SA in 6

Uta d. NO in 7 (Deron v. CP3 are you kidding)
Bos d. Det in 5

Finals: Bos d. Uta in 6 (Yes, I changed it back…10:21am on Saturday, so, we’re OK.
On with the breakdowns…
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Who is Primoz Brezec?

This article has been submitted by Adam Conn, making his long-awaited ODC debut.

Who is Primož Breže??

Brezec Background
On February 21, 2008, the NBA trade deadline, the Toronto Raptors acquired centre Primoz Brezec from the Detroit Pistons in exchange for Juan Dixon.
So where did this 7’1” mystery centre come from?

Brezec was born on October 2, 1979 in Postojna, Slovenia. Brezec would play for his high school team, where he would become a star of the Slovenian high school league, ŠKL. At an early age he moved to Sežana, where he played basketball in the Slovenian basketball league for a local team called KraskiZidar.

At the professional level in Slovenia, Primoz played for KK Union Olimpija for four years. He soon declared for the 2000 NBA Draft and was selected with the 27th overall pick by the Indiana Pacers.
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