Update on ODC Closure

Hey all, thanks for the support in light of the ODC closure.

I wanted to update you on three things regarding the future of the site and our writers:

1 — I will most likely continue to write for a few different websites. The running of the site is the worst part by far, and I think I could handle writing still, for sure. I’ll keep you updated.

2 — I am also looking at finding some of our more prominent writers positions on other sites to make up for shutting the site down.

3 — There is an offer on the table for someone else to take over The ODC, including (gasp) possible financial compensation for me for my troubles. If this were to go through, I would stay on as a writer and, I think, the site would remain fairly similar to it is now.

There is also a slight chance that I don’t close the site, but contract it and change the admin structure to take away the pressure/stress of actually running things. This seems unlikely at this point but is still a possibility.

Stay tuned.

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