The ODC is back!!!

Blake has worked with us over at and The ODC will be fully operational very soon. Check back and we will try to live up to what Blake has done here. We will bring back as many writers that currently write for the site and plan to give the site a new look. Thank you.

Down Goes Brady!

Well…good thing I’m in a keeper league with a ‘3-games or less’ transition slot. For the rest of you…tough break.

Oh, and I’m in the process of selling the rights to The ODC, so feel free to start checking back.

Olympics! Video of the Day

Your VoD today is just a Chris Bosh TV piece I ran across the other day. Bosh seems a little…off in this one, maybe a little too relaxed and a little to happy with the weather. I’m not saying anything, but it’s not nearly as lively or interesting as his last few pieces. Here it is:


Futbol! Video of the Day

Today’s VoD comes from Mo-Cash but is, unfortunately, a link to a video on the NikeFootball website. No embed. My bad, but still, sweet 3-minute short, definitely works to get me amped for some soccer.

Holler at it!

Invisible! Video of the Day

Yes, yes, the VoD has returned. (The goal is to have either a Rumor Mill or VoD every weekday…mix it up, keep things fresh, ykno?) Anyways, this was very obviously the perfect choice for the return feature. Trust.


(Via Deuce of Davenport)

NBA Draft Hub

Obviously, I’ve been heavily covering Thursday’s NBA Draft here at The ODC this week. To make it easier on the reader, and to try and hype tomorrow night’s live blog a little bit more, I’ve decided to create this NBA Draft Hub, a resource for anyone looking for their draft fix in the last 24 hours before the big night. Enjoy, and be sure to check back at 6PM tonight for my live-blog of the Draft!

Check out my Live Blog of the NBA Draft, starting at 6PM.

Position by Position Breakdowns by Blake Murphy
Point Guards
Shooting Guards
Small Forwards
Power Forwards

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Mock Drafts
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Other Draft Resources
Draft Express - the best resource for the NBA Draft
ESPN’s Draft Page - Chad Ford is a guru when it comes to this stuff
Hoops Hype Rumors - for the latest trade and draft pick rumors
Sports Overdose - a collection of local newspapers
Sports Overdose - a collection of team-specific blogs
Sports Culture - Off-beat coverage live from the Draft

ODC Looking for Writers, Web Designer

Hey there, reader. Want to be a writer? Well guess what! Despite a staff of 20+ (of which only 5 or 6 write, apparently), The On Deck Circle is looking to expand.

I won’t give specifics because you all know what we do here and what would be expected of you. I will say, though, that we seem to have enough basketball coverage here already. Therefore, I’m looking to add people who will write baseball, football, hockey, and soccer, plus any other sports. Obviously, we cover a little bit of everything here but those are the four key areas I’m looking to add to. You can ask the other guys, I’m a pretty easy editor to write for.

Additionally, I’m still trying to find a Webmaster or Web Designer who has no problem working on the cheap. It could be a one-time shot, a makeover and helping me set it up, and you’d be free to do just about whatever.

If you’re interested in any of these glamorous postings, hit me up at [email protected] or [email protected]

Love, Live, Life, folks!

See! Bee! Four! Video of the Day

Man, Chris Bosh is blowing UP! He got a gig as an NBA Finals correspondent for Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. This is a 7 minute clip from the show and you need to watch every second of it. Hilarious bits with almost every player in the series, and Bosh really shines, check it!


Penguins Rap! Video of the Day

It’s been a while since I threw up a VoD. Sue me. Stu sent this one, showing that even down 2-0, the Penguins remain better, faster, stronger…


Unreal Brian Scalabrine Rap

Normally I don’t drop too many links because I’m a bad member of the blogosphere, but this was wayyyy too good not to pass along. I know normally I’m overly affectionate towards The Basketball Jones boys, but this is one segment, at least, that you have to check out. At roughly the 9:30 mark of this Podcast, Skeets spits a gangster rap as Brian Scalabrine.

Not only is it some hard-ass gangsta shiz, it’s also hilarious. Check This Hot Fire Now!!!