Brawl! Video of the Day

Richie Sexson is a tool. We all knew that. The announcer thinks so, too.


Booty Butt Cheeks! Video of the Day

You’re right! This has nothing to do with sports (or anything, for that matter). But I’ll lay $20 I don’t have that it’s impossible to watch this whole video without laughing at least once. And I’m ’bout that.


Baby, Baby! Video of the Day

Dad, why weren’t you this cool?


Carnival of the NBA #56

I had been aching to get a chance to host a Carnival of the NBA at some point. While I wasn’t sure of the intricacies, really, I knew that the idea was a cool one. When I found out I’d be doing it right in the middle of the NBA Playoffs, I thought even better. So foremost, thanks to Matt from Blog-a-Bull for hooking me up with the chance to host.

And normally I’m big on length introductions, but let’s just get into it. Without any ado whatsoever, The On Deck Circle presents the 56th Carnival of the NBA:
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Billy Goat! Video of the Day

Hadn’t had a good VoD sent along in a while, so here’s this insane catch in case you missed it. And yes, B.J., it is far superior to Pedroia’s play from the other night.


How Badly? Video of the Day

Doesn’t look like I’ll be live-blogging any soccer today, so I decided to go with a soccer-themed VoD. This is Nike’s new Football commercial. I thought it was pretty cool. Y’kno, for a bunch of ugly guys who don’t speak English…


Just Don’t Give A… Video of the Day

K-Mart….wow. That’s almost as stupid a rant as calling a certain King overrated.


The On Deck Circle Podcast Volume 11

The Podcast isn’t done yet! It’s got a few more weeks, anyways, and is only getting better (?). This week, Stu returns impromptu because Erik was sick, and this one touches on a lot of stuff you really want to know about. It includes the strangest NFL Mock Draft you’ve heard, Stu finding out about Cameragate for the first time, the NHL’s second round of playoff action, and where a few ex-Pirates and ex-Blue Jays have landed. I also launch the Hinske for MVP campaign.

Guest: Stu Wilkinson
Topics: NFL Draft, NHL Playoffs, Ex-Jays/Pirates

The ODC Podcast Volume 11

And just because some people have asked from time to time, here are the songs played from each volume of the Podcast. The closing song is always Real Talk (1, 2, 3) by Fabolous.
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Mixtape! Video of the Day

Keeping with my unusual foray into the world of politics…


Barack is Cooking! Video of the Day

Barack Obama (and the other two presidential candidates) appeared on WWE Raw on Monday. Hilary Clinton was a little lame but funny, and John McCain was just strange. Barack, however, was funny and the only one to actually include some of his political ideology in his time on the mic. The WWE butchered the legitimacy of these speeches by having a fake Barack-Clinton match, but I still thought it was cool that they got them on Raw. I’m not normally big on politics, but it makes sense to me for a candidate to address the nearly 4M people who watch Raw, most of whom are in the low-voter-turnout demographic. Anyways, here it is: