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The NFL Fantasy Funbox Week 10

Welcome to week 10 of the funbox. Whether you’re making a late run for the postseason or trying to hold off the opposition, you’ve come to the right place to solve all those pesky line-up dilemmas. 

Raptor - 36 (+2 prop points) = 38 points
Beer Baron – 27(+2 prop points,) = 29 points (This includes a generous point for Santana Moss as a bust who barely played half the game)
Gizmo - 29 (+2 prop points) = 31 points

Quarterback of the week

Gizmo - Philip Rivers. Rivers had arguably his best game of the season in week 8 against the Saints in London. After a week off and a return to home soil, Rivers should be in for a repeat performance against the lowly Chiefs this week. Chris Chambers is healthy and Tomlinson seems to be past his turf toe, forcing teams to respect the run. This unlikely fantasy stud should be able to take advantage of a favorable match up and put some up some big points.
Honorable mention: Kurt Warner
Beer Baron - Chad Pennington.  On a team that appeared set on a long, arduous rebuilding process, Pennington has been more than the stabilizing force that he was initially sought out to be, and has emerged as a reliable lowQB1/top QB2.  The Fins face the Hawks this wk, a team that will truly enter rebuilding mode once Mike Holmgren leaves after this season.  Expect just under 300 yards passing (Penningtons average the past 4 games) and at least 1 TD…dont rule out him catching one also.
Honourable Mention:  Drew Brees
Raptor - Drew Brees. Brees has been the bee’s knees this year.  He’s on a record setting pace and with Colston and the Shock getting healthy he can only get better.  Sure he’s without Bush but Brees has shown he can get the job done with Henderson, Patten, and Miller as his big guns.  The Falcons have decided to sub Grimes out at CB but his replacement is not much better.  This is a poor secondary and Brees should shred them.
Honorable mention: Kurt Warner 
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NFL Fantasy Funbox Week 8


Welcome back to the Funbox where it’s our sole purpose to satisfy the needs of those who possess a David Duchovny-like obsession with fantasy football.

Raptor: 20 pts (+7, including 3 prop points) = 27 pts
Beer Baron: 14 pts (+8 pts, including 3 prop pts) = 22 pts
Gizmo: 19 pts (+3 pts) = 22 pts
The Geezer’s wisdom paid dividends as well with his Jake Delhomme pick.

Onto this week’s picks…
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The NFL Fantasy Funbox, Week 5

We’ve hit the quarter mark in the fantasy season, and it’s time for that crucial week 5.  If you’re winless, this is your last week to turn it around so listen up and we give you all the info you need to be successful.  We apologize for not posting earlier this week, but the Geezer was adamant on not submitting his pick until his Gold Bond arrived in the mail.  Anywho, here it is:

BEER BARON - Gotta go with my boy Donovan McNabb.This is a huge matchup for the Eagles, as to lose to both the Cowboys and Skins early in the year would not only significantly hinder their chances of capturing the NFC East crown, but also work against them in vying for a playoff spot.Bank on McNabb to rise to the occasion even without the reuben errr Brian Westbrook, and prove that It is indeed Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Honorable mention:I can’t believe I’m putting this down, but I believe partyboy Kyle Orton will have a fine performance against the Lions despite Millen’s reign of terror being over.

Raptor: Tony Romo. Is TO whining?Is everything falling apart in the Big D?Does not The Beer Baron not like to not, not drink beer? The answer - Maybe. However, Romo gets to go up against the Bengals. Barber will get his carries, TO will get his passes, Witten will get plenty of looks, heck, even Jessica Simpson will probably end up with a couple balls by the end of the night. Romo will explode this weekend. Put him in your lineup.

Honorable mention - Philip Rivers

Gizmo - Drew Brees.  I’ve decided to change things up a little this week and not choose Jay Cutler, so wish me luck. Minnesota has the league’s premiere run defense, but their protection from the aerial attack leaves something to be desired. This should bode well for Brees and the pass heavy offense of the Saints. Heck, their primary running back has 70 more yards receiving than rushing this year. Lance Moore has filled in nicely in the absence of Colston giving Brees enough options to put him in the top 3 this week.

Honorable mention - Tony Romo

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Cereal Mascots and Sports

This article has been submitted by Kabeir Dilawri.

Animated, hedonistic, and incomparably entertaining, cereal mascots are an invaluable cog in the cereal industry’s $237 million strategy to market their sugar-infested products to today’s youth. While the morality of such shenanigans by multi-billion dollar corporations, such as General Mills and Kellogg’s, are up for debate, there is no denying that these characters, in hindsight, were an integral part of any adult’s childhood, in the same category as Hot Wheels, Nerf Guns, Pogs, and, of course, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now that the forces of nostalgia are running rampant, below is a list comparing the world of sports to these affable characters:
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Brett Favre - Breaking the Habit

This article has been submitted by the debuting Kabeir Dilawri.

“Winning is a habit; so is losing” – Vince Lombardi

Is it not ironic that the Green Bay Packers, one of the most storied and successful teams in all of professional sports, are not heeding the mantra of one of the two individuals synonymous with the franchise and breaking a habit? If Lombardi can be characterized as the undeniable brains of the Pack from a historical point of view, a 2nd round pick of the Atlanta Falcons in the 1991 NFL draft that goes by the name of Brett Lorenzo Favre can be considered the infallible brawn. This is why it absolutely ludicrous that GM Ted Thompson, Head Coach Mike McCarthy, and the rest of the Packers brass have given the holder of the record for most career wins by a starter at the QB position a less than attractive ultimatum wrapped up in their decision to not grant his unconditional release: Be a backup to unproven protégé Aaron Rodgers (whose meteoric rise to starting QB status is comparable to that of Matt Schaub’s last year – someone who has had limited experience, yet has shown flashes of brilliance) or continue to sail off into the sunset.

Before analyzing the Packers’ brass’ decision, I have to say that I was not always a #4 fan. Being a long-time 49ers fan, Favre represented what Michael Jordan was to Utah Jazz fans during the 90s – someone who, when the road to victory was all but paved, would always show up to make an amazing play and lead his team back into the game, and onto a devastating win. However, at the same time, you could not help but respect his talent and perseverance just a little bit. In 1995, 1996, AND 1997, Favre was that thorn in my Niners side.
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