The NFL Fantasy Funbox Week 7

Welcome to week 7 of the funbox, you should know the deal by now so we’ll get straight to goods, but first here’s the updated standings (after a recount discovered some fraud in Raptor’s calculations) to help you decide who to believe in.

Raptor - 10 points (+10 bonus) = 20 points
Beer Baron
- 8 points (+6 bonus) = 14 points
Gizmo - 11 points (+8 bonus) =
19 points

Quarterback of the week

Gizmo - Peyton Manning. Manning torched the league’s top defense last week for almost 300 yards and 3 TD’s and this week he gets the paltry Packers pass prevention so he should be good for at least those kinds of numbers this week. Indy and the Colts seem to be back on track so make sure you’re fantasy team does the same by starting Manning this week.
Honorable mention: Matt Schaub
Raptor - Matt Schaub.  Schaub finally realized that he should throw the ball to Andre Johnson last game.  Look what happened.  They both put up huge numbers and won their first game of the season.  Schaub would have to be dumber than a stump to not keep the train rolling this week against Detroit.  The Lions defense has had about as much success this season as Travis Henry has had using a condom. Expect Matt to make use of Johnson, Daniels, and Slaton this Sunday.
Honourable Mention - Jason Campbell
Beer Baron - Brett Favre. Oh Brett, you sly dawg, coercing Romo into not being a wimp and playing through his injury.  Can’t you see Romo blaming Favre for pushing him into playing and then fracturing his pinky?  Count on seeing these two duking it out in celebrity boxing if that situation does arise…Numero Quattro has an enviable match up this week against the Raiders, in a game that could turn into a shootout (or as much of one is possible with Jamarcus at QB) and a big game from Favre.  Note:  whichever Jets receiver isn’t covered by Asomougha is gonna have a big game.
Honorable mention:  Eli Manning
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