DirecTV and the NFL’s Illegal Monopoly: Sign the Petition to Abolish It

I will be honest.  If I could get the NFL Sunday Ticket where I live right now I would have no problem with this but I live in a townhouse that does not allow me to get a line of sight for a satellite so I am stuck with cable and no DirecTV.  If I lived outside the United States, I could watch any game I want as I could stream the games on Yahoo or pay for it in Canada as a part of my Cable package.

Gregg Easterbrook who writes for ESPN says, “In 1961, the pre-merger National Football League received an antitrust exemption from Congress, partly in return for its promise that all game broadcasts would be available equally to all Americans.”  Well, this is now not true anymore as the Sunday Ticket is not available to all Americans.  It is only available to Americans that have the ability to get a satellite.

It seems that the cable company lobbyists should have a lot to work with in Washington.  At this point the consumer is really being hurt by this deal as DirecTV raises its prices every year.  DirecTV and the NFL are not looking out for the consumers best interests.

Right now the cable companies are missing out on millions.  DirecTV extended their deal with the NFL until 2010 at 3.5 billion over 5 years.  That is 700 million a year.  As football has grown even bigger since then you would have to assume that the NFL Sunday Ticket may be worth a billion dollars a year in 2011.

People needed to get involved on this project:  Lawyers and Lobbyists.  If anyone has a passion for this contact me at [email protected].

Sign the Petition here.  I am sure if we can get enough signatures we can get someone to notice.

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