Reflection on The Ultimate Fighter, Week 2 (There is no Week 1)

   Hello On Deck Circle folk this is the first of what I am planning to be a weekly column. The intended focus will be the episode of The Ultimate Fighter from the night prior, but could degenerate into my personal thoughts on MMA events that have occurred that week. Hopefully I find a nice balance between the two.

   Since I didn’t write an article about the first episode I will start by saying that my favorite moments were the NSAC guy saying, “I’m not Doc, but no” in response to Guida asking to be allowed to continue cutting weight. The man new the opportunity ahead of him, he should have come in better prepared. The other was Junie ridding us all of the fighter who thought it was badass to liken himself to Hitler…dawg. Junie reminds me of a cocky Mayhem Miller, and seems to have the skills to back up his talk.

   As for this week, I wanted to start with a pun and call them a bunch of choke artists, but it seemed lame. But I must say, there were a lot of chokes, and it seems like this season may do a great job of educating people on how entertaining a ground war is.

   I also love that this season will give Nogueira exposure to the American audience. We’ve already learned one new thing about him; the man likes a good hug. Much more than Frank Mir, who was really uncomfortable with John Polakowski’s chosen display of affection. I wonder if he will choose him and institute his 3-second hug rule.

   Anyone else thing that it was funny when they paired up the two lankiest lightweights in the world in the fight between Roli Delgado and George Roop? Dana wasn’t joking when he called it the battle of the beanpoles. George won by decision and the audience learned that Frank likes guys who are coachable.

   Ryan Bader has some fantastic wrestling credentials as a two time all American and winner of 3 pac-10 championships. Won with a triangle and according to Nog has the “eye of the tiger” and according to Apollo Creed, that is essential for a fighter. I think Bader has a chance at taking the competition.

   I must agree with Dana, Frank and Eliot, I have no clue how the judges awarded that fight to Karn. Karn did move forward and press the action on the feet, but it always resulted with him on the ground fighting to escape submission attempts. It appeared that he was always on the defensive, except when throwing those big right hands that failed to connect.

   In the end Dana brought Eliot into the house to replace Antwain, so the Greg Jackson trained fighter managed to avoid the poor judging and continue in the competition. Hopefully we get to see a rematch during the season.

   In the scenes from the upcoming season it looks like we are about to experience the greatest volume of dudes acting like jackasses yet. I know there are ratings involved, but why don’t people learn that there are consequences to their actions. It’s not like you can go on a hit and run Rampage and then get rewarded a main event caliber fight with Wanderlei Silva.

   Oh wait… you can. Although based on Quinton’s previous fight with the Axe murderer, maybe it is a punishment. That fight, originally rumored for UFC 91 with Couture vs. Lesnar is now rumored to be moving to UFC 93.  

   Well, that is all for now, let us all remember to  keep in our hearts poor Cro Cop, who had his manhood destroyed by Allistar Overeem this week. It’s like there is a target on the man’s cup. Check back in next week for more of the above.

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  1. Steph McDonald Says:

    I did miss the second week and am sad because I love ground fights for sure. But I did see week 1 and and I have to agree that Guida should have been prepped (totally laughed at the ‘doc’ bit) for the weigh in. I mean I don’t care who you are related to, that doesnt mean you have sway over a scale, like come on.

    And as for the guy who likened himself to hitler, I thought that was a bit much, but he did decently.

    I look forward to further columns!

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