Fantasy Football Focus - Wide Receivers

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Unlike picking quarterbacks and running backs, wide receivers can be difficult to draft because players at this position struggle to put up big numbers every week. In addition, we must also consider whether a WR’s team has a running game to keep defenses honest, an offensive line that will allow their quarterbacks enough time to make proper reads and of course, injuries. Despite all of these considerations however, the top wide receivers in the previous year remain near the top this season but there are some young wide outs on the rise who could make an impact on your draft this season.
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Fantasy Football Focus - Running Backs

This article has been submitted by Patrick Tye.

In fantasy football drafts, top running backs are chosen early and often. While running backs often offer the biggest opportunity to gain points in your draft, the risk of choosing a star running back is often difficult since injuries are usually a major factor. Except for Brain Westbrook, 4 of the consensus top 5 running backs missed significant time last season so it is important to choose a running back who not only puts up big numbers, but can stay healthy as well.
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Fantasy Football Focus - Quarterbacks

This article has been submitted by Patrick Tye.
August is great month for true football fans. Training camps are in full swing as teams prepare for pre-season games, Madden is released and most importantly, fantasy football season is just around the corner. While I consider myself much more adept at drafting skaters and goalies than quarterbacks and special teams players, I have spent many hours at work this past summer reading fantasy football websites and football magazines in order to provide the readers of the On Deck Circle with the information necessary to not only compete, but potentially dominate their fantasy leagues this year. Over the next week or so, I will break down positions and provide information on various players. I know each league is run differently and I know not everyone will agree with my choices but here are my break downs of some of the more important positions for fantasy football teams, starting with quarterback. Enjoy!
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Baaad Girls and Sports

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Maybe it was a slow week in sports or maybe the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Cheerleader Scandal made the headlines because it was some of the most exciting action the CFL has seen since Rocket Ismail and Pinball Clemons were running reverses for the Argos while the Great One and John Candy were in the owner’s box. Regardless of the reasons behind the media uproar, the aforementioned events were important because it highlighted one of the most underrated aspects of sports: baaaaad girls. Before I continue, I have to emphasize that I am not sexist and this article is not being written to criticize females involved in athletics. Instead of discriminating against females in sports, this article celebrates baaaaad girls who have recently impacted the world of sports.
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A Plea for No More Number Four

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When debating the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Brett Favre’s name would appear near the top of every list. The Atlanta Falcons’ second-round pick in 1991, Favre was the 3rd quarterback selected after two beauties: Dan McGwire and Todd Marinovich. After being traded to the Green Bay Packers in 1992, Favre embarked on 16-year NFL career in which he endured an addiction to pain killers, personal troubles and some awful teams to produce a stats sheet that is second to none:

253 Consecutive Games Started
160 Regular Season Wins (NFL Record)
442 Touchdowns (NFL Record)
61, 655 Passing Yards (NFL Record)
85.7 QB Rating
9 Pro Bowl Selections
7 All-Pro Selections
3 AP NFL MVP Trophies (NFL Record)
2007 Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year
1 Super Bowl Championship

Despite his impressive career, both Favre and the Packers endured several tumultuous seasons preceding last season’s emergence as the NFL’s most surprising team. After each crushing hit or missed playoff season, Favre’s career would come under much speculation as the quarterback “Sundin-ed” the Packers by taking his sweet time deciding his future. After challenging Tom Brady as the sentimental favourite to win the MVP Award last season, Favre finally decided to call it a career and he seemed content taking his storied career and the cover of Madden 09 back to Mississippi with him. At least we were led to believe he was content until reports surfaced this week that Number 4 might be coming back for one more season…
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Fireworks and Free Agents On July 1st (NHL Edition)

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For many people, July 1st is a day to come together, drink cold beers and celebrate Canada’s birthday. For hockey fans however, July 1st is even more important as it is the first day that teams can sign Unrestricted Free Agents. Although this year’s Unrestricted Free Agents are not as exciting as previous years, there are definitely players available that could make the difference for your favorite team next season. Here are a few player’s who will be watched closely next Tuesday:
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