This is The ODC’s official Slammin’ Hoes Page. Don’t know what I mean by Slammin’ Hoes? Well then you probably need to check the Slammin’ Hoes Primer (below). This page will operate like the other tabs and will be a collection of links with Slammin’ Hoes articles. THe page will also host team statistics and win-loss records, and things of that sort, as we get deeper into the season (Super Series stats and results only - just click to enlarge).

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Slammin’ Hoes Articles
Slammin’ Hoes Third Tourney in Review
First Two Tournaments in Review
Meet the Slammin’ Hoes Roster - A Slammin’ Hoes Primer

Slammin’ Hoes Photos (see Facebook for now)
Check out the Official Slammin’ Hoes Photo Album here!