Reflections on The Ultimate Fighter week 5

   Let’s get the end of last week’s episode out of the way quickly. Junie Browning (not Brown, my bad last week) jumps the cage, and nothing happens as a result. Dana says if the head of the NSAC had been there Junie would have been tossed and his license revoked. Seriously Dana? If it was bad enough that he would have lost his fight license, it should be bad enough (on top of last week’s insanity) to be tossed from the show. But he is not, and Frank Mir simply says he needs to redeem himself, as apologies mean nothing.

   Back at the house Junie complains that being on the show was a terrible decision and if he loses his fight the rest will be forced to deal with drunk Junie every night. In fact he feels if he loses to anyone in the house he should quit MMA and get a factory job. So there is some hope for all fans of MMA as a legitimate sport.

   In a funny moment, Efrain takes us back to ’98 and says that Junie thinks he is “all that and a bag of chips”. Awesome.

   So this episode is basically a prank-off. Team Mir freezes Efrain’s clothes and puts itching powder in beds. So Team Nog puts fish oil all over Team Mir’s beds. So Vinny urinates on Efrain’s pillow. Vinny isn’t as clever or subtle in his pranks as the other guys. Of course Bas Rutten Jr. started it all and everyone speculates an escalation.

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