Attractive Female Celebrities and Movies that Have at Least One Sports Related Connection

This article has been submitted by Alex Jackson.

The “intro” for these things is always the hardest part. I pretty much know what the content is going to be and I even have a catchy little ending already picked out, but how do I ease you, the reader, into this little diddy? How do I rationalize what I’m about to present?

Do I use a cheesy anecdote that may or may not be true? Maybe a joke of sorts? Or maybe that “Youtube” that the kids are always talking about…let’s go with that last one.


Hmmm, nice video, but what’s the sports connection?

You see, celebrities-like Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz- like to spend time doing things outside. Some times these things are sports – the above video also features champion surfer Kelly Slater, albeit briefly. These celebrities also occasionally appear in movies that loosely feature sports in their plotlines – a bit like this piece, I guess. Without further ado, attractive female celebrities and movies that have at least one sports related connection. Maybe the title needs some work, oh well…on with the show

This nice young woman is Marguerite Moreau. “Who?” you ask. You might not recognize her, but in her younger years she donned No. 18 for District 5, Team USA at the Junior Goodwill Games, and even at Eden Hall Prep. Yea, that’s right, Marguerite played Connie Moreau in all three of the Mighty Ducks movies. Keep in mind, she’s not a lady, she’s a duck!

Unless you’ve been locked in an Austrian cellar for the last few years (too soon?), you’ve become all too familiar with Katherine Heigl. In The Ringer, Heigl plays Lynn Sheridan, a Special Olympics volunteer. In the film, Johhny Knoxville - playing “Jeffy” – falls for Heigl. Though I haven’t seen it, I imagine hilarity ensues.

In 2002, Lacy Chabert played Rachel Sawyer in Hometown Legend. I think IMDB describes it best, when it says, “A teenage drifter finds an opportunity to turn his life around when he joins a high-school football program with a hard-nosed coach.” The rebellious young drifter - played by Nick Cornish – is deeply in love with Chabert’s character, and the two try to discover the power of faith and gain redemption. According to one review “This movie wins. There is no sexual activity, nudity, or perversion of any kind to worry about.” An interesting definition of “win.”

Ah yes, Ms. Lindsay Lohan. Before all of the tabloid headlines and arrests for drugs and booze, she was an aspiring G-movie star. In 2005, in Herbie Fully Loaded, she starred as Maggie Peyton, the driver of the No. 53 car, a ’63 Volkswagon named Herbie! Clearly the car has a mind of its own and there’s some connection to NASCAR or something along those lines. Cute, family fun I’m sure.

As you probably know, Hayden Panetierre is one of those new “it” girls. You know the type, actress AND singer, spokesperson for Neutrogena, Got Milk and Candies. She’s everywhere you turn, which isn’t a bad thing. Anyway, one of her first big roles was in Remember the Titans, but now she’s all grown up and dating a dude who’s 12 years her senior.

It seems like Cameron Diaz has been around forever. And it’s great! A short time after starring in There’s Something About Mary, Diaz took the role of Christina Pagniacci in Any Given Sunday. Pagniacci is the new owner of the Miami Sharks who inherited the team from her father. She takes an active role in the management of the team, inserting a new offensive coordinator and pitting the league commissioner against the mayor of Miami.

Earlyish(?) in her career, while taking a break from 7th Heaven, Jessica Biel filmed Summer Catch, a love story featuring a little bit of baseball. Apparently Freddie Prinze Jr. is a baseball player in the Cape Cod Baseball League who falls for Tenley Parish (played by Biel) whose family is vacationing in Cape Cod. Obviously, Prinze has to juggle his blossoming love with his promising baseball career.

This next one really shouldn’t be in here, but you’ll understand at the end. Rachel McAdams, hot off her role in the Notebook, appeared in the hit comedy Wedding Crashers. At one point in the movie, Claire Cleary - played by McAdams - is in a touch football game against Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. A paper thin connection? Sure. Live with it.

Elisha Cuthbert, she of 24 and hockey player dating fame. Back in 2001, shortly after her stint on Popular Mechanics for Kids ended, she starred in a TV movie called Lucky Girl(Canadian title)/My Daughter’s Secret Life(American title). Cuthbert stars as Katlin Palmerston, a 17-year-old with a dangerous addiction to gambling. It starts with an innocent poker game, followed by a high school sports pool, then Internet roulette. The downward spiral is in full effect! As one synopsis says, “she quickly loses thousands of dollars, and before she knows it, Katlin is forced to repay her debt to a loan shark — by whatever means she can.” Imagination time?

Scarlett Johansson, a favorite here at ODC, stars in Woody Allen’s 2005 film Match Point. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays a failed professional tennis player, Chris Wilton, who falls for Johansson’s character, Nola. In time, Wilton marries a rich socialite and ascends the professional ladder in his wife’s father’s company. Eventually Meyers crosses paths with Nola again, and she becomes his mistress. Both know that their relationship is wrong, but the passion leaves Chris in danger of losing the wealth and position he has now come to enjoy. “The only solution to the dilemma seems unthinkable.”

The last “featured actress” today is the always wonderful Jessica Alba. Though both Camp Nowhere and Into the Blue have sports angles, I’ll go with the recent “flop” The Love Guru. Like most of these films, I haven’t seen this one- but judging by the box office returns, very few people have, HEY OH! Anyway, I gather Alba plays the owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs and enlists the help of Mike Myers’ Guru to help create harmony and bring the Stanly Cup to Toronto. Obviously, it’s not based on a true story.

Well, so ends another picture journey here at ODC. Hmmm, wait a minute…Lohan, McAdams, and Chabert…oh no, Amanda Seyfried (Karen from Mean Girls) wasn’t included! I guess I’ll just have to toss this clip in to make everything ok with the world.


This article has been submitted by Alex Jackson.

22 Responses to “Attractive Female Celebrities and Movies that Have at Least One Sports Related Connection”

  1. Chris Says:

    Maybe I’m just too old, but I’m surprised Kathy Ireland wasn’t on the list for her role in “Unnecessary Roughness”.

  2. Pope Says:

    Is there a certain age you should have to be to find Hayden a ROCKET?

    Thats the good thing about high school girls…I keep getting older and they stay the same age!

  3. Tailgating Dave Says:

    I know there will be debate as to if cheer leading is a sport but how about Gabrielle Union in “Bring It On”? Notice how I left off Kirsten Dunst? That was on purpose. That girl’s face gives me gas.

  4. AJ Says:

    I like the Gabrielle Union pick….also quite the fan of Eliza Dushku.

    Re: Dunst, is she the anti-Mary Tyler Moore? You know, if MTM “could turn the world on with her smile”…

  5. War Emblem Says:

    No love for Kate Mara in We Are Marshall?

  6. bill Says:

    How could you not pick Jessica Biel in Summer Catch.

  7. Randy Mayes Says:

    On what planet is Kirsten Dunst not good looking?!? Yes, there are prettier girls, but she is still a looker even if she doesn’t compare to Rachel, Lacey, Lindsay, Jessica or Scarlett. The small amount of looks she may lack is more than made up by the overwhelming talent she has repeatedly shown ever since stealing every scene as a child in Jumanji. Kirsten will be a major actress long after many others are relegated to Hollywood history.

  8. AJ Says:

    Bill - she’s about halfway down

    War Emblem - I have no excuses, I dropped the ball on Mara

  9. Chris Says:

    I am not that old, and the lack of inclusion for kathy ireland in Necessary Roughness, the single greatest story about Texas State football, is a travesty.

  10. paul Says:

    ali larter whipped cream bikini in varsity blues blew my fucking mind. lolz, also, that elisha cuthbert pic is actually my wallpaper! also, i would have to throw kirsten dunst out there in bring it on. but we all know chearleading isn’t a sport. unless you’re nailing one, than it’s awesome and you can call it whatever you want.

  11. paul Says:

    ps you guys are way too harsh on kirsten dunst. she is a major two face, but can be incredibly cute and has a great body.

  12. AJ Says:

    How about a compromise, we’ll throw in Dunst for her work in Wimbledon. I’m sure if the movie is called Wimbledon it has something to do with tennis. And tennis is a sport (I also think cheerleading is, but so is Connect 4, so I might not be the best judge)

  13. AJ Says:

    Chris - my apologies, Necessary Roughness looks like a tremendous movie. Anything with Rob Schneider, Jason Bateman, Sinbad and Scott Bakula can’t go wrong.

    Will you settle for an SI cover with Ireland, Elle, and Rachel Hunter?

  14. kev Says:

    if cheerleading is a sport, then karate must be. in that case, I give you Jaime Pressly in The Karate Dog.

  15. Stalka Says:

    How about Brooke Langton in The Replacements?

  16. James Says:

    What about Halle Berry in “The Program”?

  17. Steve Says:

    Kim Bassinger in “The Natural”?

  18. dominic Says:

    how is eliza dushku not on this list?? shes got to be one of the hottest females in this world (biel, megan fox, alicia keys rounds out my list)

  19. Lew Says:

    Kelly Preston in For Love of the Game - before she started waiting for the spaceship to come down for her and her goofball husband.

    Jennifer Warren (had to look up the name) in Slap Shot - of you’re into the 70s thing.

    Amanda Pays in Oxford Blues

    The Chargers cheerleaders in Starsky & Hutch

    You can’t narrow this list to just 10.

  20. FloydTurbo Says:

    Jenny Robertson as “Millie” the clubhouse groupie in Bull Durham ….. “You can’t ban me from the ballpark because my daddy donated the scoreboard.”

    Crash discovers Nuke “doing her” in the showerroom.

  21. FloydTurbo Says:

    Hayden Panitierre (sp?) is best known as “the cheerleader who can’t die” in Heroes.
    “Save the cheerleader, Save the world”.

    Ali Larter is also a Heroes alum as the single mom / internet porn star.

  22. Mr.Buckeye Says:

    Emmanuelle Chriqui was in an obscure made-for-TV movie about a teenage soccer player with Burt Young. She was the main character’s younger sister. It was called Cuori in Campo (in Italy) and World Cup in North America.

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